Zentimo xStorage Manager v2.0.4.1265 – Software and USB external devices DOWNLOAD

Download Zentimo xStorage Manager v2.0.4.1265 - drive management software and USB external devices

Zentimo xStorage Manager saves time and extends the capabilities of users, when working with flash drives, portable drives, card readers and other USB devices can be connected via a port. The software contains a menu management tool, the purpose of this menu tasks frequently; see the size and amount of free memory drive, change the drive letter, change the icon for the drive, hide a drive from the menu, scan for hardware changes and stop at once all devices, with one click, including the features of the software is the correct test drive speed, since the test speed single drive with read / write speeds of a large file on it is measured, a theoretical speed to drive are displayed, in most cases this is not true pace because most small files on external drives by Is. Research shows that some of the worse performance than other USB flash drives are writing small files, if their performance at writing large files are the same. Zentimo speed read / write files on three different sizes of measures; small files 32KB, average 3MB files and large files 100MB, then the average of all measurements will show the speed of the drive. The average speed calculated by Zentimo I see a real drive performance will be measured and that even the features offered by the seller to you, is more accurate.

A key feature of the software Zentimo xStorage Manager:
– Fixed a drive for a specific tool
– Avoid assigning a specific drive to a hot-plug devices
– Ability to assign specific programs to run on time, after connecting the device to the separation device, after stopping the tool, after removing tools …
– define the general settings or settings for each tool
– ensure complete safety when you remove the tools
– Ability to stop SATA drives
– the correct test drive speed
– Save and Restore application settings
– Option to automatically close the autorun process
– contains a button to stop once and for all devices that you see on the menu
– Save and Play Abbey application settings; in this version can all application settings to a file, and if necessary with a few clicks of return; this feature is useful when you want to set a schedule in the PC Repeat or decide to reinstall your operating system in mind
– Hide Icon Systray; Enabling this option will not be available when the drive stalled on the menu, and then enter a drive icon Hide Systray, Systray icon will appear again
– Display pause menu while there was no stopping devices (with the hotkey Win + S)
– Includes a set of tool icons, old icons improved and new icons added with great variety of colors and models for flash drives, memory cards, external hard drives and …

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