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Download Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z XBOX 360, PS3 - Yayba game: Ninja Gaiden for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 Vply
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Ninja Gaiden series (Ninja Gaiden) usually tells the story of a ninja who are fighting the forces of evil and save the world, examples of this can be found in each new version of the series, see Shinobi Ryu Hayabusa name (Ryo Hayabusa) to fight terrorism and the evil creatures of deals and their goal is to save the innocent people and the whole world. In this way, the less control we have from him kindness and humanitarian behavior. However, in the third edition of the violations, the fans were unhappy. In this game the other Ryu Hayabusa (Ryo Hayabusa) and our main character is the life story of a man named Yayba (Yaiba) we follow.In a match that was held in his tribe, has managed to achieve victory but by chance all the people of his tribe to kill and then either leave his tribe and to follow Ryu Hayabusa (Ryo Hayabusa) falls. Yayba (Yaiba) battle with Ryu Hayabusa (Ryo Hayabusa), he succeeded in his left hand and eye damage.
The graphics of this game , unlike the previous titles in the series that were realistic and the characters are real human models drew comic-like atmosphere of the story has led to the creators of the game engine and art style cell Uneral3 gone Shade the main character from the cartoon and comic strip side and species.Although in recent display, graphics of the game than the next-gen titles have no effect However, it seems that the creators of the game according to the theme of this work is the perfect style for the game, visual effects have . The main character of the game is well done and enemies are of great diversity and you will not get tired of seeing it. Like some Japanese games are mostly designed for art and did not resemble reality. Relatively good quality gaming environment and can not communicate with it. The lighting is nice game and all the more beautiful moments of the game. This item is in the dark and the light is different from each other. Hatching of the game than the space it controls quality and lower-quality shadows and edges are. The gameplay is very good and gives you real pleasure of a Hack & Slash. With cartoon graphics of the game, but in most scenes the dominant color of blood red color on the environment. You are a variety of weapons for the sword you have to spend zombies. Your first weapon is a sword Yayba the Mac that uses a variety of techniques to give. Yayba second robotic arms that gives you several options, such as using one of the zombies took his hand and throws the other zombies. In addition the robotic arms worked like a chain and different things to you so that you can implement Fans on zombies. In the game you will also encounter zombies with strange creatures not often you come to the bus.

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