XYplorer v18.60.0000 – The perfect replacement for Windows Explorer software direct download

Download XYplorer v18.60.0000 - The perfect replacement for Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer, which comes with Windows , is a file manager software on the hard drive where you will be able to browse and manage your files and folders. But this tool has not significantly differed in terms of structure and performance in almost all versions of Windows, so users are always looking for more suitable alternatives for Windows Explorer to meet their demands.
The XYPlorer tool is an advanced system file browser and a powerful alternative to those who are looking for an appropriate file management software.

What makes XYPlorer different from other competing apps?
– XYPlorer is a simple and small file manager
– It does not need to install, since it never changes the system or registry of the computer, and it’s also a great platform for USB.
– A professional Cut-Edge file manager application that uses Multi-tabbed interfaces
– Strong search capability by powerful search engine, full coverage of boolean logic, regular expressions, content search and more.
– The panel allows you to preview a large number of multimedia items such as photos , audio, image, web, office and font format with a single click.
– There is no other powerful XYPlorer app
– No other program offers such a low volume with the ability to manage items to save time
– More than 300 shortcuts available through keyboards
– View file information such as format and file size
– The actual occupied space of the hard disk is shown by each file or folder
– From any point where it closes, it is from the same open point, while maintaining the order of the files and folders.
– Has the most applicable History among other similar programs
– Ability to know different folders
– Small, fast and occupy the least space of RAM
– You can zip your files automatically and with just one command and do not even choose a name because it will be named by the program itself according to the date of the day.
– You can copy or print a directory with old DOS icons and icons in another folder. Welcome to Paradise One Click!
– Application Implementation Panel This application fully supports Command Line parameters. This app is an ideal option for a loved one.
– Add alternate and variable interfaces to create custom keyboard shortcuts for Native users and PC users.
– Opening and reading a message in Outlook and Outlook Express is hundreds of times faster than this before.

Key Features of XYplorer Software:
– View the creation date of the file, display the last date that the file was accessed, as well as display its profile in the list file
Search for Extend files (only in Windows NT) that includes binary fields search
– Multipurpose search that finds the files in all search directories
– It has a variety of file system layouts for the clipboard, files, printer that can print with one click.
– Extract file information from all directories and directory subdirectories to CSV format
– Automatic adjustment of information columns
– Set to display information such as format, size and date
– Displays the space occupied from the disk, for each file and folder
– Remember the last opened folder and how to lay it inside the folder
– Has a Browse-Like History function
– Identify various folders
– Has a large number of application commands added to the file menu including Copy to, Move to, Copy file, Copy file properties, Copy large / small icon, Multi file rename
– Has Icon Extraction, Multi file stamping, Attribute Stamping
– View the complete information of a file, including version and other information
– Instant preview of Image, Audio, Video files
– View media file information
– View the contents of the file (ASCII and binary).
– Includes binary conversion to text (the fastest converter available)
– Support for Windows 7
– And …

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