Xojo v2016r1.1 software and rapid development of applications Download

Download Xojo v2016r1.1 - software and rapid development of applications

Xojo software known and powerful with more than 300,000 users around the world that aims to build applications for a variety of platforms, including desktop , web, mobile , Raspberry Pi and developed.Using this application you can instead of using HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, AJAX and Web pages as fast as the Mac the design and the addition of more than 40 sample layouts and source software code ready to enjoy. Xojo support of graphics , database servers, protocols Internet , etc., you can create anything you can imagine. You can commercial software, utilities and create or even to practice and learn programming. This application is one of the best options for building cross platform software development using object-oriented language.

A key feature of the software Xojo:
– Build faster applications
– Making plans for a variety of platforms
– More than 300,000 users worldwide
– The use of object-oriented language
– Support for graphics , database and web protocols
– Simple and attractive user interface
– And …

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2 Replies to “Xojo v2016r1.1 software and rapid development of applications Download”

  1. I am using win 7 . I have instaled xojo 2016 as per your instructions . but it is not working . an error message like
    “could not load . api-ms-win-crt-runtime-|1-1-0.dll ” is missing in your computer . Try re-instaling to solve this problem”
    what can I do ?

  2. Install windows7 service pack1 (only offline update)
    then install visual c++ redistruable allin one pack from majorgeeks.com

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