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Download WWE 2K14 XBOX 360, PS3 - games 2014 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 ships

When art came eighth, sporting events were among the first groups that were simulated. In other words when you play video emerged, manufacturers of sports simulators for itself a reputation that took a lot of variety. THQ was one of the companies managed to buy the company’s official WWE license, and the decision was to release the game. The studio Yuke’s responsibility to build the series was over. Perhaps the WWE franchise can be bumpy as the simulator version of the series will be released every year, sometimes good grades and in some moments scores are poor. THQ WWE 13 is the last card that is compared to past versions that were released in this generation, a higher level. But apparently not all the problems the company was bankrupt and in the end only remember the company’s name remained. After this bitter, Take-Two issued patents bought the game and gave it to 2K Sport.
Basically, the game style that sports have no particular story. However, the creators of the series WWE tried according to their tradition that they do not enjoy the game from the story. For this reason, it has provided in past editions of the Road to the Wrestlemania were somewhat successful for their titles to create a good story. But gradually it became part of the iterative process so that Yuke’s hand as WWE ’13 great job he decided to completely remove the section entitled Attiude Era and instead added a new fashion. Fortunately this section is well managed from outside the stereotypes and old fans of the series was welcomed by many.After the success that this could be achieved, fortunately, the development team decided to play more nostalgic games maneuver. Why is the WWE 2K14, we see a new mood of nostalgia that is called Thirty Years of Wrestlemania. This mode is thus famous game-view Wrestemania Anthology is scheduled to appear again in the form of video games that can certainly be promising for longtime fans of the genre. Of course, if you have followed the WWE Championship. Without a doubt, the game that simulates the real events in the gameplay itself should have a lot to say, so that if even well appear in all episodes, but the gameplay is dull, certainly defeat many will suffer. That’s why the makers of this release decided that in the private sector to make changes to induce new experience. Combat mode kicks and moves faster and more have taken up the game faster and more exciting at the same time. However, other versions of the past as well as Reverse it is not easy but the challenge has always been a lot more will follow. However, in many pivotal changes seen Reversal System. For example, when someone is hitting you, you can become a fan on his opponent run.Other changes have been formed among which can be noted Catching Finisher. So that you can send the Irish Whip your opponent into the ropes and hit him on the leg a bit too paver. OMG has added many more exciting aspects of the game will be very useful, especially the multiplayer battles. For example, you can run a fan on the two among them can be Double Shell Shock, Double Chock Slam and Attitude Adjustment noted.Added OMG are limited to a few but a shootout added that ignore their hard work in this area need to DDT on the Apron and the Big Boot to the person whose head sticks to the outer ring is attached noted. Come Back, like always will be present in the game. In past editions players could use this mode to play back and fill your Signature Move and Finisher. This version will be the same as it was and yet few gestures that can be dynamically added to a Mac is very large.

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