World War Heroes v1.6.3 – World Heroes World of War Games mod + data

World War Heroes v1.6.3 + Mod - World Heroes World of War Games
(12/6/12) Changes:
Update to version 1.6.3

World War Heroes is a new and super cute game in the action and shooter style developed by Game Development for the Android operating system. In this game you enter the battlefield of World War II that you have to compete with online users around the world in multiplayer and experience one of the most different Android games. If you are looking for an action game with exciting gameplay and shooting during the Second World War, this beautiful game can make you needless. The game consists of 5 different maps with a unique design and 6 different battle modes that will keep you entertained for hours. There are more than 20 different weapons available, including a shotgun, a grenade, a rocket, and so on, which can destroy enemies one by one. The game also has HD and high graphics, along with great sound that will surprise you.

The general features of the game include the various game modes, including Team Deathmatch, Bomb Mode, Team Bomb mode, Hardcore mode, Team Squad, etc., the availability of +20 different weapons, including a shotgun, Grenade, Armor, …, Battle, and a variety of unique environments and environments, superb sound to excellent controller console, addictive gameplay, and, in general, low-level gaming.

Note: The game is an online game and requires Internet to run.

V1.6.3 version changes:
– Various optimizations and game fixes [nothing added]

V1.6.2 version changes: 
– Bomb mode added
– Aphrodite and truck have been added to the game
– The second slot for the grenade has been added
– Added a gas grenade
– Ability to shoot objects added to the game
Gas masks now neutralize gas grenade actions
– Added a new character for Deathmatch
– Secondary vehicles have been added
– The mines will not be destroyed after being destroyed
– Now tanks have different areas of failure
– Added voice for Russian and German characters
– Various optimizations and game fixes to experience the best and most perfect Android action game

World War Heroes Screenshot 1 World War Heroes Screenshot 2 World War Heroes Screenshot 3 World War Heroes Screenshot 4

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