Wordaizer + v4.0 Build 123 software build graphical forms of mass words Download

Download Wordaizer + v4.0 Build 123 - software build graphical forms of the mass of words
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Wordaizer software is interesting that anyone can use to create beautiful images of words. It’s very fun and easy to work with and very attractive solution for showing text. With this software, you can create clouds of words and shapes to create your own with them and they create beautiful images. Very interesting software to build different shapes and words of many words. In fact, the user can use different words in Latin, and other forms of words as graphic as possible. The software has a very simple graphic environment, new and intuitive. As a result, every user regardless of their experience in using computers can easily use this software. This application is also multilingual and customizable interface.

A key feature of the software Wordaizer:
– Construction of a large variety of shapes and words words
– Has a simple interface and intuitive new
– The Mac to apply a mask to create a cloud forms words
– A random word cloud generator
– Ability to save and print images created
– Ability to save and load projects with a clear repetition of words
– Compatible with different versions of Windows
– And …

Wordaizer + Screenshot 1 Wordaizer + Screenshot 2 Wordaizer + Screenshot 3 Wordaizer + Screenshot 4 Wordaizer + Screenshot 5

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