Download Windows XP SP2 x64 Integrated June 2012 SATA / February 2014 - Windows XP 64-bit with Service Pack 2 updates
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The first advantage of using Windows 64-bit CPU with 64-bit and 64-bit version on the establishmentapplication of the common maximum use of system memory (RAM), which is significantly faster with the system increases. Windows 32-bit memory limitations, which should by default and equally in the Windows kernel and application software division. Windows XP 64-bit, can support more memory and run programs more quickly. In addition to 64-bit applications, you will be able to 32-bit applications with higher speed than 32-bit Windows, run.

Key features of Windows XP Pro SP2 64-Bit:
– Make maximum use of system RAM
– Speed ​​up implementation of the program
– Implementation of most 32-bit applications faster
At the same time -Nsb Internet Explorer 8.0 (the latest version of Internet Explorer available for WindowsXP)
– While installing Windows Media Player 11.0
– Speed ​​up Windows as well as when working with the Internet and network
– The new version of Remote Desktop Connection
– Increase the stability of Windows
– Previous Windows and speed problems
– New Updates and Hot Fix and
– And …