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Download Wi-Fi Talkie - Mobile software and voice chat with WiFi

If you are looking for a program for voice calls or chat with your friends by WiFi will be the program in this area can meet your needs. The program is an application to chat and voice calls using WiFi is. With this program, you can move your files with high speed. In addition to voice communication capabilities brought to you alone brings up quality settings such as Mac is a voice call. The program also has features such as the ability to hotsopt, group chat functionality and …. is boradcasting.

– Ability wifi hotspot
– The ability to chat group
– Ability to send files via internal file manager software up to 24 Mbps and higher
– Ability to broadcasting
– Without internet
– Sound relationship between the number of devices Nanhdvdy
The effectiveness of the program:
– Use a wireless
– Transfer files using Bluetooth with the highest speed to low speed
– Audio connection at home
– Communication at school or university
– A group discussion during games with friends
Note: If you have problems with the quality of voice communication:
1. In the preferences settings “Keep screen on” enabled.
2. (For smartphones HTC) option, “Best Wi-Fi performance” in advanced system Wi-Fi settings on the path to (Settings -> Wireless & networks -> Wi-Fi settings -> Advanced) enabled.

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