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WhoCrashed Pro v3.03 DOWNLOAD

 – application indicates that the cause of the crash Windows
Download WhoCrashed Pro v3.03 - application indicates that the cause of the crash Windows
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Blue Screen of Death in the name Stop error and a blue screen is also called, is an error in the operating system, especially Windows is displayed and perhaps one of the worst error that a Kabrsystm of Windowscan see blue screen of death (BSOD) is. This page generally occurs when a critical error in the computer appears to be shutdown to prevent damage.
Windows blue screen of death of 3.1 times (almost 15 years ago) there was at that time known as the black screen of death because the background color of the screen was black, but with the arrival of Windows 95 and Windows XP operating s
ystems after it until then The background is blue and why the blue screen of death is known. Even this page for Windows Vista is also designed and planned, but the background color is red.

Causes Blue Screen of Death:
– The incorrect recording of NT-based Windows operating systems hardware drivers or improper performance of them leads to this page.
– In Windows 9x series are incompatible DLL files or internal Bug in Kernel operating system can cause the blue screen.
– Physical problems such as memory corruption, Power voltage and high grade hardware temperature, power failure or other hardware Hard work or pull over to a hardware causes blue screen appears based on all platforms on Windows from version 3.1 to the next.

When without warning on a computer running Windows Blue Screen of Death Ray star or the face, the first thing about it is believed there is a hardware error. In fact, many Windows crashes by malfunctioning device drivers and kernel modules (Kernel) is. Windows blue screen of death errors in the kernel, most computers will not show the items in this case without any warning systems at once is Rey star. UtilitiesWhoCrashed drivers that there are errors in your system with just one click shows. In most cases, the program is able to pinpoint a driver that is causing this problem and show it to the Mac that fixes the

problem related to it.

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