WebSite-Watcher 2016 v16.1 Download

Download WebSite-Watcher 2016 v16.1 - software Czech sites for information updates and their changes

WebSite-Watcher software is powerful in monitoring the various sites have been considered favorite. A very useful tool that the latest changes and updates in different sections of a site, the site displays online and offline, and in general on a site to display small changes can take. He takes a short time to the software for monitoring recent changes in the form of a chart and portray moments. Compatible and supports all common browsers of the features that are important for the professional user and Website Watcher software also supports the latest versions of browsers will be different.
This means in addition to the sites and web pages with sites that have been secured through password investment or reader are compatible and can be for them to portray real-time monitoring. Professional users and webmasters can use this powerful software for professional Mantyvryng their own sites.

A key feature of the software WebSite-Watcher:
– Monitoring real-time Web sites and Web pages
– Monitoring sites that are secured by passwords
– Monitoring RSS and type of feed
– Compatible with all browsers
– Fast app displays the latest changes
– Highlight the changes made
– Powerful system for separating filter with spam
– Compatible with different versions of Windows
– And …

WebSite-Watcher Screenshot 1 WebSite-Watcher Screenshot 2 WebSite-Watcher Screenshot 3 WebSite-Watcher Screenshot 4 WebSite-Watcher Screenshot 5

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