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VMware Workstation v11.1.2.2780323 x64 DOWNLOAD

 – software use multiple operating systems simultaneously

Download VMware Workstation v11.1.2.2780323 x64 - software use multiple operating systems simultaneously

It had happened to sit in front of your computer and your computer in the wish I wish I had a sister or brother so that he was not alone and you … the application of the written test and network See the answer or not. Without the need to re-boot your computer, you have access to another operating system at the same time.
New software that is I do not know what happened to bring your system, try before you were on the other. Pay to kill viruses, only to increase the security of computer systems and software to find the challenge you have attempted to produce them. Etc. All this is possible with the establishment of a virtual workstation. With VMware Workstation know:

VMware Workstation is?
VMware software is powerful virtual machine designed for software developers and system administrators and those who want to make fundamental changes in the structure of their software, software testing, and in short everything you can imagine.
The software, with more than 5 years and won more than a dozen great prizes Software, developers of the software enables the most complex network applicatioosoft, Linux or run Net ware are on only one computer desktop, run.
Special features such as virtual networking (Virtural Networking) transactions in real time and Real time sharing folders and drag and drop support (PXE boot execution environment in advance) for VMware is an essential tool for developers IT and system administrators have made.

How is VMware Workstation Used?
This software with millions of users around the world in the production of software improves efficiency, reduces costs and increases flexibility and safer way to get an answer before the program gives us .
Install VMware on your desktop computer the first step to the transfer of existing IT infrastructure to a virtual structure. Apart from simplifying operations with VMware Workstation software development, testing, and accelerate the development of applications, application compatibility and migration from one OS to another OS practical implementation of guarantees and the possibility to test whether this transport and switching platforms, harm to the network or other software applications running or not it gives you.

VMware Workstation How does it work?
This workstation by enabling multiple operating systems and applications simultaneously on one physical machine related to individual acts.
Operating systems with more practical application in a virtual machine, all sitting on a piece of hardware.Virtualization Layer VMware, physical hardware resources into virtual machine resources writes as if each virtual machine, CPU, memory and disk devices and O / I has its own special and X86 computers are all standard.
Using VMware Workstation virtual network complex set up and various applications in any environment where you want to run at the same time and do it all at once on your system.
No need to do disk partitioning operations again and install a new operating system and without a system re-boot the operating system installed on your computer switch.

Key features of VMware Workstation:
– Ability to switch plans just drag and drop
– Full support and coordinate the PXE
– Manage multiple class positions
– Configuration software for virtual networking, live images
– Run the integrated Windows, Linux, Netware, Solaris X86 for network virtualization 
– Support for Windows Vista
– Ability to display multiple monitors
– Support for MP3 Players and USB 2 Devices
– Support for 32-bit systems and 64-bit Linux and Windows
– Ability to display the operating system before implementing it
– The strong and powerful engine with basic tissue
– Support for Windows 7
– OpenGL and Shader Model 3.0 for windows xp and windows vista
– Support for VMware vSphere 4 as guest OS
– Configure virtual machines for the use of multi-core cpu
– Print on virtual systems without the need to install printer drivers using ThinPrint
– The security of virtual machines with 128bit- encryption
– And…

VMware Workstation Screenshot 1 VMware Workstation Screenshot 2

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