Vivaldi v1.10.867.42 x86 / x64 – Vivaldi Internet Browser free DOWNLOAD

Download Vivaldi v1.10.867.42 x86 / x64 - Vivaldi Internet Browser with many capabilities for personalization.
With many capabilities for personalization.

The Vivaldi Browser was designed to provide a fascinating and new way to surf the Web on the Internet .Although the browser is based on a Chromium engine, it has provided many tools and components for its users, in contrast to other browsers, the user can greatly customize his browser without having to install different plugins. . With this attractive browser and its customizable interface, you can experience a different web browsing experience. One of the cool features of this browser is to automatically change the color of each one of the tabs and display a small image of the contents of the tab when placing the mouse pointer on them, which in addition to making the work environment more attractive, not only from the rapid eye exhaustion It prevents the user from making quicker and more comfortable the contents of each tab. Another unique feature of this browser is the ability to quickly take notes on the browser itself. To access this feature, just click on the icon of the embedded note icon in the panel, then create, save, group and manage your notes, and then with Click the red icon on the same icon to close the toolbar opened for this item.

In general, the browser has been designed to provide Macintosh beyond all other browsers and provide a professional web-browsing experience.

Key Features of Vivaldi Software :
– Change the location of the address bar (up or down), the settings panel and the tab bar
– Set desired shortcut keys
– Resize screen contents
– Taking notes in the browser environment
– Organizing pages with the possibility of grouping opened pages
– Show tabs like Windows tiles
– Support for a variety of web technologies
– Customize all what you see on the browser
– Increase the speed of browsing pages
– Display a small image of the contents of the tab when placing the mouse pointer on any tab
– Professional web browsing management without the need for multiple plugins and plugins
– And …

Vivaldi Screenshot 1 Vivaldi Screenshot 2 Vivaldi Screenshot 3

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