Vivaldi v1.10.867.38 x86 / x64 – Internet Vivaldi with a great capability to customize DOWNLOAD

Download Vivaldi v1.10.867.38 x86 / x64 - Internet Vivaldi with a great capability to customize

Vivaldi browser aims to provide attractive new way to surf and explore the Internet were presented. However, this browser-based engine, Chromium (Chromium engine) made the tools and components for many users provide to unlike other browser, the user can do so without having to install various plugins greatly your browser personalize . With this browser and an attractive appearance and customizable user interface that can have different browsing experience. One of the interesting features of this browser changes color automatically each open tab and the thumbnail of the contents of the tab When positioning the mouse pointer on them in addition to the more attractive the workplace, not just from fatigue Rapid Eye prevent, but also gives the user a Mac to be faster and easier to pass the contents of each of the tabs. The possibility of a unique browser allows you to take quick notes on your browser to access this feature just to the icon note embedded in the panel, and then click your notes to create, save, grouping and management, and then click again on the same icon, toolbar, open the close of this part.

In general, the browser in a way that made the Mac animals than other browsers and provides users a web browser to enable professional.

A key feature of the software Vivaldi:
– Change the location of the address bar (up or down), panel settings and tab bar
– Set shortcut keys
– Change the size of display
– notes the browser environment
– Organize pages with the possibility of grouping opened pages
– View tab, such as tiles Windows
– Support of Web technologies
– Customize what you see in the browser
– Speed ​​up browsing
– thumbnail of the contents of the tab when the mouse pointer on each tab
– professional management of multiple web browsing without the need for plugins and extensions
– And …

Vivaldi Screenshot 1 Vivaldi Screenshot 2 Vivaldi Screenshot 3

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