Download Using Word and InDesign Together - training in the use of Word and InDesign together
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Many designers use of Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign together, but the Mac be created when entering text (with software Word) in InDesign, some special format and mark-up hidden in Word files, create problems for designers only know a few tricks and techniques that can be easily remedied them.Since the two software applications, especially in the field of layout and formatting of text and pages, you can use the tool at the same time, powerful features and functionality of these two programs, a combination of techniques and transmission of text used and the design was much more professional and more creative.
During the training of Using Word and InDesign Together you how to use the software for professional Word and InDesign are familiar with each other.

Headlines training of:
– Understanding the differences between styles in InDesign and Word
– Detection and characterization of formatting features that you want to transfer it
– Control text formatting when you cut and paste
– Insert Word files in InDesign with the introduction Options dialog box
– Links to Word files for automatic updates
– Work with footnotes, hyperlinks and tracing changes
– Learn best practices for consolidated text formatting
– Extract embedded images and converting Word art
– Convert local formatting style features (free scripts)
– Sync via Google Docs with InDesign DocsFlow
– Convert Word documents in InCopy for fast and accurate format
– And …