Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Game PS4 Download

Download Uncharted 4: A Thief's End PS4 - Game 4 unknown territory: a thief sequel for PlayStation 4

Uncharted 4 in style third-person shooter action and adventure, enjoying the latest technology game and the adaptation of The Last of Us gameplay, exclusively for the PS4 is released. The beginning of a saga of Nathan Drake in the treasure Eldorado traveled to South America. Then went to Nepal to find the lost city of Shmbala. But after a few years after the events of the last two numbers of Nathan Majrajvryy peaked, the Middle East and the Arabian Travel to the mysterious lost city Ntlantys not find in the sand. In this way the events were emotional ups and downs. Elena Fisher and Victor Sullivan during the trip because your friends along. Characters that at any moment of the game was a point of strength for gamers and of course Nathan. The fourth version of events occurs three years after Drake’s Deception. Nathan Drake’s latest show ring Elena to him and for all his life and adventures he plays. They begin a love life away from danger. Nathan will no longer dangerous adventure of his life at risk Bndazd.
Before long, excavated again in a heart beat and rises accordingly. Nathan’s brother Sam, who was thought dead many years back and now his brother to do something important from a Mac wants. Published in the latest edition of the questions we faced with an infestation, that’s true identity and what Nathan had passed the heads.
During all these years, his brother Nathan thought lost but once a toxin involved and the complexity of the story adds. These two things go hand in adventure have 15 years ago, Nathan and Sam jealous brother owes his younger brother to clearly show. Now Sam to find the precious object to his younger brother’s lap. Precious treasure by one of the greatest pirates in history, Henry Avery discovered. The word “treasure” in a stubborn enough to endanger her again and be ready for a new adventure. Play for Natydag usually in the graphics , define new standards in this segment of the competition, a few steps ahead. Uncharted 4 will also do so. The graphics in this release due to the breadth of the game, perhaps the best thing that we will see in the eighth generation, and perhaps have less competition. Design and detailed game environments of diversity are extraordinary. Following in Madagascar is part of the game and forested areas and green spaces are huge. But all the games will not be spent on the island and the players to snowy areas, rural and old towns will be traveling show high variability in the sector. It is also four times higher texture quality is excellent graphics of the third edition specifies. Number of characters in the fourth to design and simulate the movements of the face skin on the bones of a completely new technology used and the faces of the characters is composed of 300 to 500 pieces, while the game TLoU face of the characters from 90% to 100 pieces was formed. In addition to these cases, attention to detail in the game is very high and it has helped to increase the visual quality. Such as environmental changes and their impact on the characters and dress them, Wildlife, biodegradable dynamics, etc. who all make Uncharted 4 potential to become one of the best titles of this generation have in terms of graphics. Not bad frame rates mentioned in the story that the game will run at 30fps form, something that can be your best and worst. One of the most attractive elements of this series has always been of gameplay is smooth and attractive. In each edition of this series, we see that their main base saw improvements. In each edition of the series saw many elements to this part of the game have been Azafhshdn and Well Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End also not an exception. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End not only all previous versions of your gameplay elements, but also gives them improved and has added a lot to it. One of the things added, hook Nathan Drake is the source of its inspiration, rock climbing hammer Lara Craft Tomb Raider game, but what you do Hooks Nathan Lara hammered quite different. Artificial intelligence of the enemies in the game significantly improved and work hard for gamers (and, of course, the game is more realistic). The creators have stated that some elements of the game in the Uncharted 4 Stayshshdh The Last of Us exist. One of the elements of artificial intelligence (If you remember, the title The Last of Us Artificial Intelligence Almost perfect character for “organic” was praised repeatedly). According to information released by the Natydag, what Nathan and his enemies, towards the events will deal a very natural environment will react. When you get discovered by an enemy patrol system these people in a way completely different than other times enemies in multiplayer divided into categories and are looking to find you, even among the bushes, and the will be the rocks! This time in Uncharted 4 enemies even can climb, and you follow the edge of the wall and it is hard for you.

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