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Download Truck Racer XBOX 360, PS3 - passenger truck racing game for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3
(92/8/18) changes:
PS3 version added!

Truck Racer racing car-style truck! This game was made ​​by Big Ben Interactive Studios and Warner Plug In Digital it is released for the PC, select your desired truck and another truck race, may we always be used with cars and above quick match, we use the turbo speed miles opponents to leave, but the game is not very high press speeds and the game has become more physical because your opponents during the race with the skill Frozen and win the tournament.
Driving with trucks and trailers in the game a certain charm and drive it also would be much more difficult than other machines. After all your senses together thought and focus to be able to compete on a race track and earn many victories.
48 different vehicles in the game are the steps that will Unlock one after another. The MAC customize the trucks, awesome online multiplayer mode, twisty and challenging roads and other features of this game is.

Truck Racer Screenshot 1 Truck Racer Screenshot 2 Truck Racer Screenshot 3 Truck Racer Screenshot 4 Truck Racer Screenshot 5

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