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the lecture series of master’s critique of modern ideology Zarshenas Mp3 Download

Download the lecture series of master's critique of modern ideology Zarshenas

Zarshenas’s (born 1344) in the history of philosophy and psychology to study abroad and more than twenty works Mac written by him have already been published. Also the author of books such as “references about liberalism in Iran”, “development”, “civil society”, “capitalism”, “The Hidden Half America”, “Theoretical Foundations of Modern West”, “Dictionary of cultural, political”, “look at the Iranian intellectual history (two volumes) “and” nihilism “is.
In fact, some suggestions for how to organize the political ideology of the state in modern times to achieve specific objectives, such as freedom, justice, prosperity, security, intellectual and so on. After the decline of traditional governments and political systems, various forms of government to organize a new era imagine. The modern era saw the development of a variety of ideologies that Master’s lecture series Zarshenas paid to this issue.

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