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Team Viewer v12.0.78517 MacOSX – Software for Mac FREE DOWNLOAD

Download Team Viewer v12.0.78517 MacOSX - software for remote connection to a PC for Mac

Software TeamViewer is a powerful tool in the field of remote control of computers are. The software has a database that can manage the details in a database on a network with others to share. Also includes sophisticated logging and reporting their performance to connect to the network. This software solution for sharing desktop is. You can use Remote Desktop to their friends online, a Mac , or you can leave your screen for others to view.

A key feature of Pro Team Viewer:
– Find and remote access to other computers
– Moving files from another computer remotely
– The Mac ‘s chat between users
– the perfect tool for any situation such as remote support, remote administration, training and sales and …
– And …
But what distinguishes Team Viewer is similar to other software?
TeamViewer software that allows you to access your computer at any location via the Internet provides. Of course, to use it, on both the source and destination computer must be installed TeamViewer. As well as the access to the desktop and control a remote computer through TeamViewer Manager you can move your files, chat, computer repair and troubleshooting to go or what to showcase on your computer.
– Manage server via Remote Service: The management of computers and servers remotely possible. Install this software allows you to set up and connect the computer and the servers.
– File Transfer: Transfer files internal tool, the ability to copy files and folders from one computer to another provides for you.
– High security standards: All versions of TeamViewer complex channels for the exchange of information security with AES encryption they use. This type of coding protocols on security of HTTPS / SSL is used.
– View online status: Are you and your team members are in different locations? Through this software, and just a click can be informed of the presence or absence of people.
– Support remote: remote control of computers over the Internet from wherever you happen to be. There is no physical connection and can only run software to connect 2 computers.
– Compatible with active firewall: firewall software do not interfere in the work and you can simply connect to another computer.
– Access via browser: Whether you’re traveling on the road and at the same time you want to remotely access your computer? The software can be run from virtually any browser and operating system.
– Compatible with LAN connection
– Compatibility with the types of firewall
– The image quality depends on the speed of the Internet, each computer
– Improved sound quality (new)
– shutdown and reboot remote computer (new)
– Supports Drag & Drop To remove a file from email to a remote computer (s).
– Fixed display and text errors (New)
– Compatibility with Mac operating systems, Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8, Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 / 2008R2 / 2012, Windows Home Server / Home Server 2011.
– And…

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