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SwiftKey Keyboard v5.3.1.166 APK FREE DOWNLOAD

Download SwiftKey Keyboard - The keyboard intelligent software and professional
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You are one of the biggest, best and most intelligent keyboard available on Google Play for Android faces that have been presented. The keyboard is a quick guess you faster typing words in a  is smart keyboard so it can be called that. The keyboard has received high marks in Google Play and the popularity is very high. The keyboard has a different theme and is beautiful and predicts the next word.The important feature of this keyboard supports 61 languages ​​including Persian language is. The keyboard has a very beautiful design and color, various themes, automatic detection and next the correct words to type words by dragging your finger on a tandem, supports many languages ​​including Persian language is.

-Bhbvd The existing language
-Rf Minor problems
Improving the quality of programs

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