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A full set of alphabet letters and other characters and families with different modes (numbers and symbols) required Chinese characters, font or typeface computer (Typeface) is called. In the meantime, to each of the states and parts of the collection, including letters, numbers and punctuation marks, the font say. But today, in public and given new light to Chinese characters, words fonts to typefaces, was more common. Or traditionally Hrvfhayy collection that relationships graphic image showing a pen writing a computer language called. In Persian, the word font instead of the font used. But among those who work or are familiar with computers, most of the English font is used instead of a stylus.
StickFont Editor is a graphical editor that provides visual tools for drawing and editing font. This software is the perfect tool to optimize the font automatically puts at your disposal, and you’ll be able to edit your entire font.

A key feature of the software StickFont Editor:
– Has an interface graphics that visual tools for drawing and editing character fonts provides
– Automatic cleanup tool that instantly optimizes the design of characters
– The Mac which multiple Undo / Redo
– Ability to load and edit any of the fonts available on your system
– Easy user interface
– Compatible with different versions
– And …

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