Space Marshals 2 v1.5.9 – Android Marshal Space Game 2 free download

Download Space Marshals 2 v1.5.9 + Mod - Mobile Marshal Space Game 2
(96/9/26) Changes:
Android version update to version 1.5.9

Space Marshals 2 is a very fun and entertaining game of exciting gameplay and action arcade gameplay released by the Pixelbite gaming company for the Android operating system. If you are fans of Wild West games, you should know that the game also has such a theme and can keep you entertained for hours.Choose your approach carefully. It calls for arms involvement, but this method does not always work. You must distract the subject’s senses and separate them from others, and get rid of it at the right time and with the proper weapon. You can turn the towers to your side or deceive different factions and let them get involved.

In this beautiful game you have to fight with your guns and tactics against the criminal elements of the galaxy, and you must use the environment in your favor and avoid the attacks using the cover. Use the grenade, drones, mines and other enemies to your knees. The game has beautiful and attractive graphicsalong with 20 challenging stages and more than 70 different weapons.

V1.5.9 version changes: 
– Various optimizations and game fixes for Android 6

Space Marshals 2 Screenshot 1 Space Marshals 2 Screenshot 2 Space Marshals 2 Screenshot 3 Space Marshals 2 Screenshot 4

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