SolidThinking Suite v2017.2.1.8097 x64 Software Graphics Download

Download SolidThinking Suite v2017.2.1.8097 x64 - specialized software Mechanical Engineering - Manufacturing

Software SolidThinking of CAID software is right. SolidThinking software for three-dimensional modeling and rendering. With this software, you can produce as cars, watches, bottles, jewelry and cell phone design. This application is the ability to combine design aesthetics, ergonomics and functionality of the product is to design a range of products including cars, watches, bottles, jewelry and mobile phones and appropriate. The software modeling based on NURBS curves and surfaces are. Among the features in this software application, keep the process (History) is the MAC edit it provides all the steps for the user. This software is capable of rendering and animating Animation, to the extent that it can be Photo realistic renderings. Three-dimensional modeling and rendering software based on NURBS curves are. With this software, you can also plan in the form of animation save.

A key feature of the software SolidThinking:
– three-dimensional modeling and rendering
– developed for industrial designers and design centers Style
– modeling based on NURBS surfaces and curves.
– Ability to maintain process (History) that the Mac edit all steps for the user provides
– rendering and animation capabilities Animation
– support software such as Photorealistic Render Man and Maxwell Render, for rendering files
– And …

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