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SolidThinking Click2Extrude Polymer / Metal v2017 Build 2600 x64 – Software simulation Download

Download SolidThinking Click2Extrude Polymer / Metal v2017 Build 2600 x64 - Software simulation and analysis templates for extrusion

Today, companies that benefit from the technology extrusion products are produced with a combination of polymers and metals, which in addition to reducing product development time, reduces the price for it as much. Click2Extrude powerful software for simulation, analysis, design validation and production of this products. With this application users can query the material flow and heat transfer during injection molding simulation and analysis of their operations. In addition, the software utilizes CAD user interface is very simple and comprehensive user tools in simulation and analysis helps operations because they no longer need to spend hours and determine the conditions to mesh will have to manually border. The software is developed in two versions Metal Polymer and reveal the names of each taking it.

A key feature of the software Click2Extrude:
– Automatic handle bearing areas with choke
– Automatic analysis of welding charge
– Optimization of designed bars
– Support for conical heating parameters
– The Mac version of symmetrical design
– E home comprehensive variety of functional materials
– Ability to post-processing optimized layout
– And …

Click2Extrude Polymer Metal Screenshot 1

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