SmartFTP v9.0 Build 2443.0 x86 / x64 + v4.0.1231 x64 – Software Internet FTP FREE DOWNLOAD

Download SmartFTP v9.0 Build 2443.0 x86 / x64 + v4.0.1231 x64 - FTP management software

SmartFTP software that is powerful in the transmission space and transfer files between your computer and a server on the Internet or network services. The software includes tools to manage FTP to connect you to your hosting and managed hosting services. By this software, you can easily connect to the directory, and easily upload your files and download the. The software also has the ability to upload multiple files at the same time. The features of this software can be used to connect to FTP various forms simultaneously and copy files between this connection, support for FXP, multiple connections, support for Proxy Firewall, Drag and Drop from Explorer, store remote directory and the features of the software.

A key feature of the software SmartFTP:
– Manage the folder
– keep alive the connection with the Site
– Ability to resume the download or upload files
– Supports XP Themes
– Support for over 20 languages
– Pshtybanb of Unicode / UTF8 / MBCS
– The Mac ‘s drag-and-drop in Windows Interior / browser
– Multiple connections (remote and local)
– Supports FXP
– Supports advanced NAT
– Ability to send and receive files Schedule
– Ability to upload / download / FXP
– Support for firewalls and proxy
– Support for SOCKS5, SOCKS4, SOCKS4A, HTTP Proxy
– A backup tool
– Control Log Off and Log File
– And …

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