Download Small Business Secrets - Learn the secrets of setting up and managing small businesses
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The Mac is that many times you have to think that for small business and independent work as a part-time or full-time setup, but the principle of setting up a business where you do not know how to progress. The purpose of business is to provide goods, services or both for the customer. Overall, more businesses have been created for the property owner who profit making and more. No doubt different businesses, each specialized in a specific and demand, but the principles and techniques that are very important in the business world and in general for all businesses are required.
Of Education of Small Business Secrets you with the essential secrets of the business world, such as writing a new business plan, the value of the product (or service), staffing, business process management, system documentation , the accounting, control costs and Profit, marketing and … you know. This series is updated each time by Linda site.

Topics Training 1 to 25:
– Introduction course
– Find customers more value
– Determine the price of the product
– Solve business problems
– Work with family and friends
– Create a Business Plan
– Start a New Business
– Culture for new business
– Organizing a new business
– Small Business Accounting
– Balance between work and life
– Staff
– Motivating Employees
– In search of capital
– Working with difficult clients
– And …