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Sami with the original name of the CIA Radmanesh (born in Tehran Persian date Tir 1359), producer, composer, songwriter and singer whose songs are from Great Britain, the Islamic themes explored. He is supported by Time magazine as “Islam’s biggest rock star,” and the Guardian “sacred rock star” was introduced.

Sami Yusuf biography official website themselves a “British Muslim” is introduced.
Joseph in Tehran and Iranian parents Zadhshdhast Azeri origin. He told a news conference in Azerbaijan: “Two of my grandfather from Baku. They moved to Tabriz and I was born in 1980 in Tehran. Then we moved to England, and I grew up there. “His name is actually” CIA Radmanesh “is. His father, composer, songwriter and musician famous resident of Great Britain, by Babak is Radmanesh. Although he several times about the famous composer’s father said, but did not name him, even in response to the Egyptian journalist said, “Please do not ask me about my father.” He has his song in three languages ​​Persian, and For two of them the names of the mother and the music video has come to me.

However, since the release of the first album, had talked about the Iranian-ness, but over time the more Zrybvdnsh and talked less about the Iranian-ness.
Sami Yusuf Islam believes in internationalism does not insist on its Iranian origin, perhaps because it wants the Islamic world music star.

Music Albums:
– Sami Yusuf in 2003, his first album titled “Al-Moallem” gave.
– Sami Yusuf’s second album in 2005 called “my people” was published. Song “Me” from the album forthe film “The Kite Runner,” directed by Marc Forster was chosen and the new song for the end credits of the film Sami prepare.
– In January of 2009 album, “Without You” was released by the record company the contract, which is fake and Sami said that this is his third album and the new album is complete without permission and request samples He cut into the market and its cooperation with the company “awakening” was.
– Sami Yusuf’s third album “Wherever You Are” was released in 2010. His album philosophical discussions and the identity of the Muslims and the effects of globalization, the songs sung. Interestingly, the album using songs in Persian, Turkish, Urdu, Malay, in addition to English and Arabic.

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