Download Rugby League Live 2: World Cup Edition PAL XBOX 360 - Games Rugby League Live 2: World Cup Edition for Xbox 360

Play Rugby League Live 2: World Cup Edition rugby league the biggest event on the planet with video games considered with the difference that the game is officially licensed and exclusively for the Rugby World Cup 2013 hosted by England and Wales Rugby League is. The game was designed by Tru Blue Games construction and Alternative Software released the game for XBOX 360 consoles. Play Rugby League Live 2: World Cup Edition taste of professional rugby game with all the passion and excitement will taste the national competition as well as invitations to various trophy in the game realistically simulated and the manufacturer tried A beautiful game in the minds of gamers association. The game has 7 RLWC2013 stadia new addition to the 34 stadia from Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, 11 national team to the country in addition to more than 100 leagues and teams in the NRL, Premier League, Championship cooperative, NSW and QLD and faithfully simulated in the game that can attract every gamer himself.
The game is made ​​very wide and the game graphics are very self tapping, also face dynamic and with more natural control of other parts of the game, also played in 16 official stadiums that will be held completely real Stadium simulation.