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recitation of the Holy Quran with Tajweed recitation of Mohammad Sadiq Minshawi for separating chapters Mp3 Download

Download recitation of the Holy Quran with Tajweed recitation of Mohammad Sadiq Minshawi for separating chapters

Mohammad Sadiq Minshawi facilities in Egypt in 1299 AD in a very religious family have emerged.
His father, Sheikh Sadiq Minshawi a Sufi nature reciters who never Tlavtsh path did not seek reward. The son Mohammed has also grown with such interests as far as recited only to that of this book became sacred. Sheikh Sadiq in all humility and modesty, read Minshawi individual. Say he was so evil that never spoke to recite the reward it only in the present, then returned with dignity and full of divine humility was the way among the children is evident as well.

Since Muhammad Sadiq was born in the city of facilities. Because his father was nicknamed Minshawi. By encouraging and training parents to teach Koranic education and training of the various versions of his day’s pay because his father was a famous reciters.
Professor Minshawi from the beginning to maintain the full Qur’an and 9 years after the recitation of the Quran in Ramadan nights take place, and this continued until the late professor was the young age and the tone of his voice was expressive and mature and controlled as Qari style was popular in the city and their homes and later with the arrival of the Arabic Republic of Egypt and broadcast radio Tlavthaysh and was added to his reputation as a master of Egypt was famous villages.
Professor Minshawi short life due to a small number of countries have been able to travel only in Syria, Kuwait and the Persian Gulf emirate of some of the countries visited and to recite Quran. Professor Minshawi has a brother named Sheikh Mahmoud Minshawi that his reading style is very similar style to master reading.
Professor Minshawi at the end of his short life due to cancer of the larynx to throat surgery were infection and disease severity such that their doctors had prohibited him from reciting the Quran. Qura called him a martyr. What it when physicians Maljsh, he will recite the Book of God had warned he accepted what life apart from the Mac fever and theology not only for him but for all those who are like this have had a very hard and difficult path.
Governors did not limit the term master laryngeal disease killed him and his many years of service and education and reading the Quran had been at age 49 in 1348 eventually died Do in the city of Cairo submitted.

Zune download on the occasion of Ramadan to recite the entire Quran as Tajvidi * Mohammad Sadiq Minshawi Mangar voice for the first time among all Iranian sites offer you the highest quality:

* Tajvidi: Tajvidi The word means complete, admire and Wield good, and in terms of the rules and instructions read the Koran it is said that good help. In Tajvidi properly pay letters of expenditures and phonetic characteristics of each letter alone or together with other letters will be discussed.

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