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RecentX v3.0 – Full Version DOWNLOAD

Download RecentX v3.0 - quick search software in the computer files

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RecentX software professional in the field of computer files Search and replace Search Windows is. By this powerful software can easily shortly to files, folders, applications, and Web access. This program is compatible with different browsers so that you can easily go in search of websites visited. The program can be sorted by name, extension, date, size and keywords, files and folders that you search for.
RecentX new software is simply the highest priority to the newly created files and folders. Because recent files and folders (several months), you are more important than the other files on your hard drive. In this way, the correct files from a small set of important files, to choose from a large collection of unsorted files much easier and faster. This makes the application much faster and more sensitive than other software is file search. 

RecentX save time and avoid confusion in hierarchical find files, documents, folders, applications, Web sites and bookmarks in the windows.

A key feature of the software RecentX:
– time saving
– Quick Find any file, document, folder, program, History web or bookmarks with a few keystrokes
– Avoid the old method to access the folders
– No need to access folders and sub-menu tree
– Assign tags to files and folders
– Access to folders with just one click
– The Mac that provides quick access to any file from anywhere
– No need to config files and folders favorite
– Prioritize the files that have been recently created
– Manage fast file
– Copy and rename files and remove them without having to Internet Explorer
– Quick access to Bookmarks and History in Mozilla Faber Fax, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Opera.
– Sort the list of folders network to which you have access
– Find any file or folder on your computer in less than three seconds
– Attach a file to an email with a drag & drop
– And …

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