ProDAD Mercalli V4 SAL + v4.0.457.2 + v4.0.482 – software download

Download ProDAD Mercalli V4 SAL + v4.0.457.2 + v4.0.482 Plug-ins for Adobe x64 - Vibration and vibration removal software for recorded video

ProDAD Mercalli V4 SAL is a software to remove vibrations and vibrations of movies recorded by digital cameras or mobile phones . With Rolling Shutter / CMOS correction, the software turns your videos into a completely similar and close to realistic scene.
Mercalli is the ideal product for other ProDAD tools like ReSpeedr to optimize and enhance the quality of the videos.

Key Features of Mercalli V4 SAL Software :
– Removes vibrations and vibrations of recorded videos
– Unique and fully automatic CMOS correction
– Stabilize and remove shakes of 3-D videos individually in different directions X, Y and Z
– Significantly reduce the need for magnification
– Easy selection of Sharp during editing operations
– Has advanced options for detecting camera movements
– Supports multiple cameras
– Mac OS Quick view of previews with original and optimal methods
– Has advanced customization options plus an option to fully control the details
– Possibility to check carefully for further evaluation and optimization of corrected video
– And …

Mercalli V4 SAL Screenshot 1 Mercalli V4 SAL Screenshot 2 Mercalli V4 SAL Screenshot 3 Mercalli V4 SAL Screenshot 4 Mercalli V4 SAL Screenshot 5

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