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Play Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 XBOX 360, PS3 - the game Pro Evolution 2014 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3
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The Xbox version was put new files!

The full version of the game Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 by Konami Corporation released offer. Doom PES in the new generation of 2011 began gradually returns this once beautiful in the right direction, supply PES2012 Konami promising a return to the glorious days of the past, and now the 2014 version aims to increase the standard of football simulator, version The new series offers significant improvements such as the use of Kojima Production’s engine FOX Engine is the better visual effects and concept of a Mac Cheyenne. Also recover collision with another player, player models and other items that are super natural grass with the engine is possible. Some of the previous game, including better control of the ball TrueBall Tech, which is the system that stands for Motion Animation Stability System called MASS effects on the psychological state of players to showcase their games and …. also quite promising progress has been made.
For example, with a Mac system, MASS, the occurrence of some of the scenes in the game , a player is upset and frightened by other players gathered around him and hope he will win. Stadiums are designed with very high accuracy, detail and atmosphere acts as a real stadium crowd felt ugly robots are not like each other! The audience raised their team flag and the victory of his team atmosphere was tense! But so far the best visual features of PES 2014 players Ast.faydh to use the Fox Engine’s game was very obvious.Tkstchrhay skin seem extraordinary. In reviewing flowers and happy after a goal you can easily beating players more vessels under the skin. Or for players who are more active your sweat loss Bbyny.v resemblance to the true face of their famous players like Balotelli, Ozil and Schweinsteiger is honestly much.During the game, when the camera comes to default, many details are necessarily vague, but during the game you do the objectives and measures on the grass close to reality and significantly improve the grass tissue was .nmy be called as the next generation of a football game, but arguably the best PES yet been made for the current generation of consoles. Hence the title of the zoom camera is better to allow players to move better on the field and communicate with your teammates better. In PES 2014 you’ll be better physical control. In the current players of adequate strength, in this new technology, sustainable mobility system is used, this system allows players to your team when you are under pressure with good knowledge of the situation Well put, we can say that this system does not affect the physics of the game when the ball is moving and the opponent player can put pressure on the ball and the ball does not own. In PES 2014 all the players are equal in terms of power and you’ll quickly learn how to use the power of your team. Geothermal midfield player or the other players just as strong, but less technically gifted, for example, if you want to start with someone like Javi Martinez attack will certainly confusing. However, when the ball goes into the creative midfield player like Franck Ribery and Bastian Schweinsteiger like to get the ball you’ll feel empowered, because they are very fast and can easily pass players. Heart is one of the important features of the game is unclear. It seems that this sentence serves as captain on the playing field. You can use this feature to play a stronger relationship between the individual and establish a more effective course. Each player is given his heart to disturb the ability to use the up and down this feature can be found on the iconthat is available to view on the tactics of the game. If a player like Arjen Robben consider he can their movements, individual moves in a game in addition to the game and help the team. PES 2014 features help Heart to help come up with a better balance so that you can advance your game and not only a key player in the team work. However, this feature is a new feature in PES and if progress each year will be welcomed by fans of the game.

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