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Download prayer Goshen Great (text + translation + audio with the sound of famous admirers)
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Great breastplate prayer, prayer for Shiites that the virtue of God’s names and attributes of the various verses and Islamic traditions have been called. Read the prayer at night so happens, this prayer to the Angel Gabriel to the Prophet of Islam, education is given.
This prayer consists of 100 chapters after the end of each section, the phrase “La Ilaha Annette Alghvs Alghvs Khlsna Sbhank or fire me or paste” is read. The Great Goshen, 1001 the name of God is mentioned.

Sbhank or La ilaha illa Anta Alghvs I Khlsna Alghvs fire or paste

Glory be to You, O God save you cry cry that is not the argument of the Fire Lord

(1) O mingleth Asylk Basmk or Allah or Rahman Karim Rahimi or

God, I would like you to have the name of God the merciful, gracious, merciful, O O

Resident or massive or old or knowledgeable or wise, or meek ​​Sbhank or La Ilaha

O clement, O wise old owner of a large set of wise Glory be to You O God save

Ella county Alghvs I Khlsna Alghvs fire or paste (2) or Syed Sadat

Do not you cry, cry argument from the fire My Lord (2) O Mr.

Or Mujib Aldvat or shall Hasan stairs or guardian or Ghafir

O hear the prayers of a lifting of the order of the goodness of the Redeemer

Alkhtyyat or bestower of Almsylat or Altvbat or listener

Acceptor of repentance for the sins of the demands of the listener

Phonetics or world Alkhfyat or repellent Alblyat (3) or Khyralghafryn or

Sounds Knower of the hidden secrets of the lifter Blaha (3) of the best Mrzndgan

No Alfathyn whether or not Alhakmyn Alnasryn whether Alrazqyn

Best of the best friends of the rulers of the day, mouth openers

Whether or not Alhamdyn Alvarsyn whether or not Alzakryn

Brown inherited the best of the best of the best Yadknndgan admirers of the best

Almnzlyn whether Almhsnyn (4) or me or I’ll crush crush and health Alz·h

Down Senders Best Recent Ehsan (4) of that dignity and beauty of it is that,

Alqdrh Valkmal or crush me or my Valjlal ol ho-Kebir Almtal

Power and perfection of which he is a king and he is the glory of that great and he is superior

Or Mnshy’ Sahab Alsqal or I or my Almhal severe Ho Ho

Rndh heavy clouds which he has appeared severe in punishment (or hard force) that he

Fast account extreme Ho prosecution or I or I Ndh Hassan Alsvab

Quick pull on account of which he is punishing hard which is good reward him

Or I’ve Ndh Book (5) O mingleth Asylk or Hanan Basmk or

Which to him is the source and principle Books (5) God rightly ask you a name of Mhrpyshh

Or Diane or argument or pleasure or GHUFRAN believers or sultan or Allah or Yamnan

Because of the blessing of rewarding and a pleasure of forgiving a decent Help Sultan of

Mosta or Zaalmn Valbyan (6) or I or my humility whole thing Lzmth

Helper of Bountiful and expression (6) of that everything that has been humble in the face of greatness

Astslm whole thing or I Zl Lqdrth whole thing or I Khz total Lzth

Anything that is sent to surrender power debased Shvktsh have anything against the honor and that every thing

I assumed the whole thing Lhybth thing or I or my Khshyth Tshqqt mountains

Hybtsh the humble and obedient subordinate sent that every thing sent her fear of the mountains

I Mkhafth or I or my stature Bamrh heavens Astqrt Alarzvn

Whose main fear is that the split of the heavens he has set the earth on which they leave in its place

Baznh or I or my Bhmdh Alrd Ysbh La Ytdy on from Mmlkth

His praise roar of thunder which does not oppress the people of their country (7)

(7) or Ghafir Alkhtaya or discoverer or lead Alblaya Alrjaya or Mjzl

Forgiving the errors of a lifter of the great tragedies of extreme hopes

Altaya or donor gifts or Raziq Albraya or judge or listener Almnaya

Gifts of a gracious gift of a slave on a ten day meet the wishes of the listener

Alshkaya or cause or absolute Albraya Alasary (8) Yazaalhmd Valsna’

Complaints of motivating people deliverer of captives (8) of the praise and Sna’

Or Zaalfkhr Valbha’ or Zaalmjd Valsna’ or Zaalhd Valvfa’ or

Has the honor and the glory and great beauty of the covenant and Wafaa

Zaalfv Valrza’ or Zaalmn Valta’ or Alfsl therefore Valqza’ or Zaalz

Has passed and consent of the holder of that in your hand is a blessing and bestow honor the discounts and judgment

Valbqa’ or Zaaljvd Valskha’ or Zaalala’ Valnma’ (9) O mingleth

And lasting for generosity of the owner of donations and gifts (9) O you

Asylk Basmk or barrier or repellent or lifter or coffee or beneficial or listener or

I would like to name a hurdle to winning manufacturer of high lifter benefit of a hearing

Or Shafi’i or Large comprehensive or broad (10) or the creator or the creator of the artifact

Collectors are a pleading of mercy wide scope of section (10) each made ​​constructive creator

General Raziq created or owned or discoverer of the total Marzouk products

Every creature and every day for ten days worth of products each owned a sad Ghmzday any of cheery any

Farj microbes or whole Mhmvm or late Congressman Rahm total or total N.

A sad mercy of any mercy or a helper each

Mkhzvl or concealer of defective or obsolete total Bergeron (11) or Dty bed

The disadvantage of wearing any defective O refuge of helpless refugees (11) When a store

Rajai bed intensive or tragedy or horror or bed Mons

I hope my hard against the unfortunate circumstances of my companion when fear of

The owner or Vlyy roving bed bed bed Krbty or favor or Ghiyasi

My friend Ghrbtm of authority I would scream at me in sorrow My favor of

Evidence or enriched amazement bed bed bed Aftqary or Mljayy

When confusion of reason, guided me when you have not the wealth of my refuge when

Or certain emergency bed Mfzy (12) or omniscient or Ghaffar Alghyvb

I’m in misery and distress distress help (12) Knower of the unseen of a well forgiving

Alznvb or asterisks or discovered defects or converting hearts Alkrvb or

Curtains cover the imperfections of the servants of sin, sorrow Ghmzday operator of hearts

Munawar Anees hearts or hearts or hearts or Mfrj Alhmvm doctor or

N. hearts of hearts of hearts physician companion of his grief scraper

Mnfs Alghmvm (13) O mingleth Asylk Basmk or Galilee or beautiful or

Ghmgshay sorrows (13) God ask you to name the gracious elegant O

Or acting as an attorney or due or or or Mnyl or Mqyl or local Mdyl

A broker is responsible for a host of government Guide bestowed the Forgiving, the Merciful O O Nyrvdhndh (change)

(14) or because Almthyryn or Ghias Almstghysyn or Srykh

(14) guide wandering Fryadkhvahan scream of a magistrate

Almstsrkhyn or Jar Almstjyryn or immune or Aoun Alkhayfyn

Petitioners of asylum seekers have spared the horror of help

Congressman Rahm Ali or soup kitchen or resort Alasyn or Ghafir Almznbyn or

A refuge for the needy believers mercy of a forgiving transgressors guilty of

Mujib Dawa Almztryn (15) or Zaaljvd Valahsan or Zaalfzl

Answer the prayers of the poor (15) has the generosity and kindness of bounty

Valamtnan or Zaalamn beings or Zaalqds Valsbhan or Zaalhkmh

And the blessings of purity and cleanliness of the owner has a secure source of wisdom

Valbyan or intrinsic al-Rahma or Zaalhjh Valbrhan Valrzvan or Zaalzmh

And expression of mercy and complacency has proof and proof of God’s greatness

Valsltan or Zaalrafh Valmstan or Zaalfv Valghfran (16) or I

Ra’ft holder and a helper and royal servants of the generosity and forgiveness (16) which

Ho paste the whole thing or I or I-ho-ho thing Allah created the whole thing

He is the Lord of all things which God the Creator of all things, he is everything that is his

Or I or I-ho-ho-makers whole thing before the whole thing or I ho after all

He is the creator of everything that he was first of all that he after all

I mentioned the whole thing, or I object Ho Ho Ho world Bekele thing or I

It will be that he is better than anything that he knows everything that he

Vyfny whole thing because, on the whole thing, or I can ho (17) O mingleth

To which only he is capable of anything to stay and everything else is mortal (17) O you

Asylk Basmk or a believer or Mohaymani or Macon or Mlqn or expression or

I want the truth name of our village dominating the Rndh learned everything there is a profound chilling

Mhvn or may or ornate or Mln or divider (18) or I ho per queen

Easy for the possibility of a work of profound Zyvrbkhsh divider IC (18) of the Sovereignty

I Ho Ho per resident or per Sultana old or I or my great Jalala

Remains of the old monarchy and the ancient kingdom and glory of Thy great at that,

Ho Ho Bekele thing Aleem Ali Ubada Rahim or I or I ho me

O compassion on his servants to anything that is cunning than their disobedient

Sah meek ​​or I or I-Ho-Ho me Rjah Holy per Snh wise or

Tolerance and magnanimity of that generous to their hopes in the creation and Sakhtnt sage (or fix) O

I or I-ho-ho per Hkmth tender per jink past 19 or I-La

While wisdom (or fix), kindness (or Nrmkary) that thanks to long-standing (19) which

Ella Yrjy droppings or I or I la la Ysyl Fvh Ella Ella Ynzr lamb or

But the good hope that he would not question his past but that is not the eyes but the phonetic good

I Ykhaf la la Ydvm Ella Ella Dlh or I or my queen la King Ella

That fear but of his justice that is not eternal but to rule and reign and power of his property except

Sultana or I or I pass the size of the object Rhmth Rhmth Ghzbh

His reign of grace everything learned that the anger of the mercy outstrip

Lmh or licking One thing I like or I Ahat Bekele (20) or Farj

His knowledge encompasses all things of the like of which has not one (20) of cheery

O or discoverer or creator Altvb Alghm or Ghafir Alznb or Alkhlq or

Ghmzday grief of a forgiving sin a creator of repentance

Alvd true or Mvfy or Falegh el-Hub or Razaq Al-Ahed or world Alsr

Right promise Knower of the secrets of the cleaver of grain loyal ally of the day ten

Alanam (21) O mingleth Asylk Basmk or on or Wafi or rich or

Servants (21) God, you shall have the right to name the super rich with the promise of absolute need of IBM

National or FA or Razi or Zaki or bad, or strong or guardian (22) or I

Kind of good (or friendly) Rndh created a strong clean a head (22) which

Azhar Jamil, or I Alqbyh setter or I get yo trick or I speak Baljryrh

Reveal which thou good and evil to hide a person will not be guilty of the curtain

Alastair Yhtk or Alfv great or good or Altjavz or Large Almghfrh

Nadri a big one after a good passage of vast forgiveness

Basset Alydyn or lead Najwa Balrhmh or owner of the Shakuie

Open hands (bounty) to talk about the secret and mystery of mercy Get the extreme of complaints (23)

(23) or Zaalnmh Alsabghh or Zaalrhmh Alvash or Zaalmnh Alsabqh or

Bountiful and has a vast mercy of the owner of the former E.

Zaalhkmh Albalghh or Zaalqdrh Alkamlh or Zaalhjh Alqath or

Wisdom has the full force of the argument and the media has a robust and cutting

Zaalkramh Alzahrh or Zaalz·h Aldaymh or Zaalqvh or intrinsic Almtynh

The apparent magnanimity of the eternal glory of the strong force has

Al-Azmeh Almnyh (24) or a novel or a forger Alzlmat heavens or Congressman Rahm

The grandeur of the mighty (24) has appeared on the sky, the darkness of pity for Rndh

R or Mqyl Alsrat or concealer Alvrat or Mohi Alamo or

Forgiving mistakes have seen the tears of the curtains cover the flaws of the dead of alive

Hassan Aly home or depressant or Alsyyat or severe Fishes

The sender signs of a double dip now Fader evil deeds hard receptor

Alnqmat (25) O mingleth Asylk Basmk or photographer or destined or resourceful

Revenge (25) the name of God, I would like you to devise a measure for creation of

Or sacred or holy or possible or evangelist or Munther or prior or subsequent

An easy one for a brighter cleaner part of the good news to warn before saving save

(26) or pasta or pasta al-Bayt Al-Haram Al-Balad Al-Haram or paste

(26) Lord Sacred House (the Ka’bah) O Lord God sacred month respectable town (Mecca)

Valmqam Alrkn or paste or sauce or paste the Sacred Almshr Almsjd

Masher Al-Hiram Lord Lord Lord pillars and the mosque

Sacred or paste or sauce manufacturing Valhram Eleanor Valzlam or paste Althyh

The holy shrine of Lord of the solution (in the land of Hijaz) and dark Lord Lord greeting

With wishing or paste Alqdrh per Alanam (27) or Ahkm Alhakmyn or Adl

And peace in the Lord’s power (27) of the magistrate judge Davrtryn

Aladlyn or Asdq truthful or Athar Altahryn or better

Just a truthful truthful clean of the most pure of best

Alkhalqyn or as soon as Alhasbyn or Asm Alsamyn or Absralnazryn

Creators of the fastest auditors of Shnvatryn hearing of Bynatryn viewers

Or Ashf Alshafyn or Holy Alakrmyn (28) or La Imad Imad I crushed or

Best of Bzrgvartryn intercessors Karim (28) supporting a person who does not support a

I document my Zkhr La Zkhr La document mashed or mashed or mashed Amulet Amulet I layer or

One that does not support storage support those who have not saved asylum seekers is one of

I Ghias La Ghias for or pride I boast la la I Ezz Ezz squashed or crushed or

He who does not scream scream honor of the man who is proud of the honor of one who does not Ezzati

I was given a specific layer for or Ennis Ennis crush me or protect me la la relentless crush

He who does not have a companion to help aid a safe one who does not have a companion to the one who does not Amani (29)

(29) O mingleth Asylk Basmk or Assem or vertical or permanent or Congressman Rahm or

God Bless you want to have the right to name a place of eternal mercy of IC

Healthy or ruling or the universe or GH or astringent or Basset (30) or I Asim

A wise ruler of the division of health of consuming a narrow opening section (30) of the holder who

Astsmh or my Congressman Rahm Astrhmh or Ghafir me or Naser I Astghfrh

The maintenance of a uterus who will Trhmsh of forgiving the one who will forgive him a helper who

Astnsrh or protect me or Holy Asthfzh I Astkrmh or mentor

He helped take care of her who kept the honor of a person he is an honorable Guide

I Astrshdh or Srykh me or given me Astsrkhh Astanh or

He intercepted a judge who seeks someone who will help him to trial will have someone to help her

I implore Moghith (31) or Aziza La Yzam or Ltyfa La Yram or Qyvma

Scream one who reads Fryadrsysh (31) of loved ones who refuse humiliation soft bump that is not a sustainable one

Called virtual or constantly la la la quarterstaff or Malka Yfvt or modesty or Baqya la la Yzvl

Who does not dream of that eternal life which does not die from the king that his kingdom is not of no lasting decline

Yfny or knowingly or Smda Yjhl la la la Ytm or strongly Yzf

There is not much knowledge that ignorance of needlessness which will feed strongly reject that weakness (32)

(32) O mingleth Asylk Basmk or unit or units or control or Majed or

God, you shall have the right to name a single one of his certificate of

Or Rashid Hamed or cause or the heir or beneficiary or Zar (33) or the I Ching

Sotoudeh, a guide, a legacy of impressive win-loss section of beneficial (33) larger than

Great or the Holy or the Holy Total Merciful of the merciful me or my Alam

Generous any big of a kinder than any kind of aware of the dignity of

All knowing or all-wise I Ahkm or Aghdam old or greater Total Total

Every wise than any of the wise old sage ahead of any greater than any

I Altf great or fine or term of Galilee or Az Total Total

O thou great grace of any kind of premiere of a high dearer than any

Aziz (34) or the Holy or Great Elman Alsfh or large or old Khair

Aziz (34) of the great blessings of the noble and eye mask full of good standing

Fadl or permanently Alltf or soft Alsn or Mnfs Alkrb or discoverer

The gift of eternal grief thanks to careful scraping of industrial lifter

Molk Alzr products or judge-ul-Haq (35) or I ho per the Wafi

Arrest prince of the universe governing the right (35) of the loyal ally

Or I or I-ho-ho strong Vfayh per per per Qvth on or I ho

And that adhere to a strong ally who is that tall Nyrvmndysh

Furthermore, around or I or I-ho-ho per Qrbh Latif Sharif per jink or

But at the same high near exact proximity which is also of great precision

I Shrfh Hu’s mischief or I or I-ho-ho per Z·h great mischief

The same dignity and self-esteem is at the same time is impressive at the same time

Zmth per Mjdh Hamid Majid or I ho (36) O mingleth Asylk

Featured greatness that the same relief is commendable (36) Lord of thee

Basmk or coffee or Shafi or Vafi or exempt or conductor or da’i or

In the name of a healer of the adequacy of the health section of the Guide a loyal reader

Judge or Justice or remain satisfied or (37) or I squashed the whole thing blushing or

Remain satisfied with a high degree of judgment (37) that every thing in front of the bow

I crush the humble thing or I or my whole thing, the whole thing crushed Caen

Ram was everything to him so that everything in the universe is what it is which is

Available to me the whole thing or the whole thing Munib layer or I or my Khaef

He’s made that any thing unto him that everything he thought a return to a

My whole thing or do I have the right to object or layer Sayr me the whole thing

That anything he is stable so that everything returns to Him that every thing

My whole thing Hulk Ysbh Bhmdh or otherwise face 38 or I-La resort Ella

His praise says that every thing will be destroyed except His Essence (38) which is not a refuge but

Or I or I la la Mfz layer to Ella Ella layer or layers of plywood I Mnja

Him a shelter but that is not destined to Him except Him that is way out of (retribution and violence)

I’m Ella layer or layers, or I la la Yrghb Ella Ella branches around the province, or

But he himself does not have the zest and enthusiasm of the movement is no exception to Him except by His O

La Ystan Ella Ella me or against me or my Ytvkl la la Yrjy Ella Ho

To help him chew but which does not rely only on him but he was not hopeful that,

Or I Ybd la Ella Ho (39) whether or not Almrghvbyn Almrhvbyn or

Which does not worship except Him (39) of the people who fear him, the best source of joy and hope

No Almtlvbyn whether Almsyvlyn whether or not Almqsvdyn

She asked those who were the best of the best of the best means of creating the best

Almzkvryn whether Almshkvryn whether or not Almhbvbyn

Thanks remember those who were the best of the best friends of the best

Almdvyn whether Almstansyn (40) O mingleth Asylk Basmk or

Read those which best companion (40) God, I want you to have your name right

Ghafir or concealer or unable or Cairo or Fater or Kasr or violent or Zakir or

Forgiving armored curtain of a creator capable of Cairo a reminder of the fragile connected

Supervisor or Nasser (41) or I or my people so Fhdy or my Fsvy

Visitors contributors (41) which seem fair that is created and directed much of the

Ykshf Ysm Alnjvy Alblvy or I or I or my Alghrqy Ynqz

Overcome adversity to hear talk of that which will save the victim’s private confidences which

Ynjy Yshfy Alhlky or I or my patients or my watery Azhk

Shall deliver to a patient whose laugh and weep heal that which

I created areas or Alzvjyn-mentioned requirements Valansy (42) or I fi

Die and live that which created both male and female pair (42) of which are in

Albert Valbhr per Alafaq Ayath Sbylh or I or my trout per Brhanh

He is the land and the sea route to which the entire world with His signs is that He is the sign of proof

Or I Qdrth per Almmat or I or my Brth per Alqbvr per Alqymh

That death is a sign of strength in the graves he is reminded that he is Doomsday

Queen or I or my Hybth per account per Al judiciary or I fi

His reign of terror that day on account of which he is at the foot of the judgment in the

Al Janna Svabh or I fire per Qabh (43) or I Yhrb layer Alkhayfvn

Heaven reward him who the hell he is torture (43) which run to her horror

Or I Almznbvn Yfz layer or layers I or my Almnybvn Yqsd layer

That he intended to seek sinners that he be unto Him that is Bazayndgan

Yrghb Alzahdvn or I or my Almthyrvn Ylja’ layer Ysta’ns

Righteous process that is beginning seek the wandering that he will be companion

Almrydvn or I or my Almhbvn Yftkhr per Fvh Ytm

Demand that is proud to be friends of friends who have passed away she greed

Alkhatyvn or I or my Almvqnvn Yskn layer against Ytvkl

Which he calmly accepts sinners to mention the certainty that the owners have put their trust.

Almtvklvn (44) O mingleth Asylk Basmk or Habib or doctor or

Recent trust (44) God ask you to the popular name of physician pain near his heart.

Or some or fearsome competitor or Haseeb or Msyb or Mujib or aware or

Be servants work of the scorer of the solemnity of the reward of a movement of consciousness

Basir (45) or the total estimated Aqrb me or my best beloved of the beloved or Absr

Bina (45) closer to each near a popular popular than any of Bynatr

I was aware of or knowledgeable or Akhbr Total Total Sherif Ashraf or Arfa

Bina aware of any more honorable than any consciousness of every noble superior

High or strong or stronger view Aghny Total Total Total rich or aide

Stronger than any power of any high degree of richness more forgiving Tvangrtr

Total J or Araf Total Roof (46) or often non-dominant or

Of any of the gracious kindness of any kind (46), a victory that would not give a

Sana non-synthetic or uncreated Khalqa or other Malka owned or

Manufacturer of that artifact is one of the creator that created him he is not the owner who owned one of

Rafa Qahra non subdued or non-solved or non-reserved Hafza or

High invincible master of the tall container of whom he did not maintain a

Nasra absent or almost non-Mansour or other non unlikely Shahda (47) or

Young man who refused to hide does not help Kssh near the far left (47) O

Or creator Eleanor Eleanor Eleanor light or flares or resourceful or destined Eleanor Eleanor

This bright light lit creator of light and torch light devise a measuring light

The light or the light or light Nora before or after the light or Nora Nora

First of light and each light bright bright bright bright light of new

Nora lick of light or ultra light Kmslh (48) or I or noble Tayh

On each optical light that is not light-like (48) and grant forgiveness which is honorable and venerable, O

I jink resident laborer tender or I or I or my old Ahsanh Ghole

The detailed work which is stable Ltfsh which is a long Ahsansh which speech

I promise I Fvh right or truth or justice or grace or I Zabh I

His promise is true that that is the truth of his past grace which is Kyfrsh of justice

I Hlvya large electrical waste Mym (49) O mingleth Asylk Basmk or

Sweet mentioned that a public bounty (49) God, I want you to have your name right

Or laxatives, or a joint or Mzll or home or Mnvl or MUFADDAL or

Paving the way for a separate converter Rndh a humiliating descent of the award of a deficit of

Mjzl or Mmhl or inconclusive (50) or I or my management Vela management Ykhlq

Large grant a respite of Nykvbkhsh section (50) of which he is not seen but which create

Vela Vela Yhdy Yhdy Ykhlq or I or I or my Yahya Yahya provinces

But he created one of the guide but not guidance that is alive, but you do not live that,

Ysyl Ysyl province or me or I Yjyr Ytm Ytm Vela Vela Yjar against

But he had not held accountable, which feed but that is not given refuge, but he does not shelter him

Or I or I Yhkm Yqzy province against province Yqzy Yhkm against or I

The judge, however, is not a judgment on you which judge you not judge anyone, but which

Lemma field via Yvld Oleum Oleum Yakan Le Kfva unit (51) or blessing or blessing Alhsyb

Not Nzayd not born counterparts him one (51) of a good Hsabksh good

Homeopathic or blessing or blessing Alrqyb Al Qurayb or blessing or blessing Almjyb

A good doctor, a good guard near a good a good response

Habib al-Wakeel or blessing Alkfyl or blessing or blessing or blessing al-Nasiri Almvly

Like a good lawyer, a good server is responsible for a good a good helper (52)

(52) or servers or Ennis Almrydyn Almhbyn Alarfyn or semen or

It mystics delight of lovers dream of a companion demand

Altvabyn or Raja Habib Raziq Almqlyn or Almznbyn or Nagorno yet

Friendly repent of day ten; the poor sinners hope of favored

Abedin or Mnfs as Almkrvbyn or Mfrj as Almghmvmyn or F.

A lifter sad sorrow of the worshipers of God Ghmzdgan Ghmzday

Alavlyn otherwise fix up the last (53) O mingleth Asylk Basmk or infrastructure or Alhna

Predecessors and the latter folk (53) God, I ask you in the name of our Lord, O our God

Or Sidna or Molina or Nasrna or Hafzna or Dlylna or Mynna or Hbybna

Mr we have a helper our server kept us guide our work we help our popular

Or Tbybna (54) or the Valabrar Alnbyy paste or paste the Alsdy vomit Valakhyar

Doctor of us (54) O Lord, the prophets and the righteous Lord truthful and winners

Al Janna Valnar or paste or sauce or paste cultures Alsghar Valkbar

Heaven and Hell Lord Lord Lord small and large bean

Valsmar or paste or sauce Alanhar Valashjar Alshary Valqfar or

Rivers and trees and fruits Lord, O Lord our plain

Valbhar Albrary paste or sauce or paste Valnhar outdoor allila

Desert and sea Lord Lord Lord day and night to find

Valasrar (55) or I Nfz Emre per whole thing or I object Bekele Lhq

And cache (55) in the Dstvrsh infiltrated everything that knowledge to everything

I Blght Lmh or organic whole thing or I Qdrth La Thsy al-Nama

Awarded with the power and the ability to have anything of the servants fail to issue his blessings

Or I or la propaganda Alkhlayq Shkrh I’ve Alafh La Tdrk polished or crush Me

So that the people understand the greatness and glory of the intellects which can not agree not grateful that,

La tonal Alavham Knhh or I or my Rdayh Valkbrya’ al-Azmeh La crisp

Nature’s imaginations to reach the greatness of his clothing which

La Hacienda al-judiciary or I or my queen Ella Ella Lata’ Tayh

Servants of the court, he can not disobey but his reign is a reign of that forgiveness is not forgiveness but (56)

(56) or I crushed my saying advertisement or crushed or I crush Alsfat Allya

Which is the most sublime examples (which are Hjj divine) that is certain is that it is of paramount completed

Alakhrh Valavly or I or I crush crush Al Janna Almavy Ella Yat-Kubra

World and the world of which he is the paradise of comfort place that is reserved for her big signs

I Alasma’ or crush crush al-Hasan or I or I crush Valqza’

For which he names that she has good judgment that he is steering

AC Valfza’ or me or I’ll crush crush Alrsh Valsry Heavens Ali

Aerospace and carpet throne from which he is where he is coming from the high heavens (57)

(57) O mingleth Asylk Basmk or pardon or forgiving or tolerant or Shakur

I would like you to have the right name of God is Forgiving, Most Forgiving servants are a patient of Thanks

Or roof or Tvf or responsible or smoke or Sbvh or holy (58) or

O Most Merciful of the merciful attention of the servants of the Glory of interest and request a clean (58) O

I Zmth per Alsma’ or I or my Ayath per whole thing on earth

The sky is crystal works in the Earth sign of its greatness is obvious that anything

Dlaylh per Behar Jaybh or I or I or I’m in the mountains Khzaynh

His arguments found in the sea are amazing works that have mountains that is his treasure

Then Alkhlq Ybd’ Yydh or I or my head Governors Azhar per layer Yrj

People brought to Him all things which then come back at all the kindness and seals

The whole thing jink or I or my best capture per Klshy’ Khlqh

Revealed everything good which made creation that has seized in

Alkhlayq Qdrth (59) or crushed or doctor, my beloved, my beloved La La

All creatures of his power (59) of one who does not like a doctor, it’s like that

Crush doctor or I Mujib Mujib la la I Shafiq Shafiq crushed or crushed or

It’s not doctor a response that does not respond it’s a compassionate man who has no compassion O

My pal pal for or Moghith I la la la Moghith for or why I reason

He who does not have a friend of a friend who scream scream it does not guide the guide

My Ennis Ennis crushed or crushed or Congressman Rahm la la Congressman Rahm crush me or my owner Lasahb Crush (60)

Mons Mons he who does not have a companion of pity for one who has no pity for those who do not have a partner (60)

Or enough Astkfah me or my Hadi Asthdah
of the adequacy of the one that will suffice him and a leader who will guide him

I Yakaly Astklah or Hypericum Astrah me or my Shafi Astshfah or

Who will guard the Guardian that he would respect the will of a person who is observing whom he will improve his healing

Astqzah judge me or my singing Astghnah or Mvfy I Astvfah or

Judge whom he seeks a judgment that he will never need a person without having a person of faith that he will fulfill a

I Astqvah or tonic but I Astvlah (61) O mingleth Asylk

It’s the power of a server he will force someone to server (61) O you want

Basmk or creator or Raziq or rational or honest or Falegh or degree or

In the name of the creator of the provision of truthful telling of a separate splitter IC

Fatq or Ratq or former or Samqan (62) or I or Yqlb allila Valnhar

Joined opener of a seeker of high lead (62) of the moving drive of the night and day

I counterfeiting Alzlmat Valanvar or my people or my Valhrvr Alzl Skhr

The structural appointed darkness and light and shadow which creates heat which self-appointed Kurdish

Sunflower Valqmr or I or I create so-Khair Valshr Alamut

October and the month of good and evil that is destined hast made death

Valhyvh or crush me or I speak Alkhlq Valamr Ytkhz interview or provincial Volda

And the life which is to create and command of which he has a wife and child for themselves.

Crush lick my partner or my ol fi les void, but I Alzl

Sovereignty is not a partner in protecting him from humiliation (63)

(63) or I or my Ylm Almrydyn Ylm pronoun meaning Alsamtyn or

Knows you asked any Khvahndh your heart which is aware of the institution of Silence

I Alvahnyn Ysm rules or I or my management Alkhayfyn Bka’ terrier

Who hears the cry of the weary heart that sees its cry of horror

Alsaylyn or Yqbl excuse me or my needs Altaybyn La Yslh action

Demanding asked to accept the excuse repent of that which is not correct

Almfsdyn or I or I la la Yzy reward Almhsnyn Ybd as hearts

Corrupt and that is the reward of the good fight which is not far from the heart

Alarfyn or adjutant Alajvdyn (64) or a permanent stay or listener Alda’ or

Mystics of the most generous givers (64) always remains a prayer of hearing

Large Alta’ or Ghafir Alkhta’ or new or good Albla’ or Alsma’

Wide forgiveness forgiving of errors and lapses of creating a good test of Rndh sky

Jamil Alsna’ or old or large Alsna’ enforceable or noble Aljza’

There is a beautiful tribute to a great old venerable reward loyalty (65)

(65) O mingleth Asylk Basmk or asterisks or cruel or Orion or Ghaffar

God ask you to name a protective right forgiving of the force and majesty of Stvt of Bajbrvt

Sabbar or once or autonomous or Fatah or Nfah or Mrtah (66) or I Khlqny

Wait a good part of the work of autonomous entrepreneur Prjvd and grant of a bracing (66) which created me

Urban Rzqny Vsvany or I or I or my Vsqany Atmny

And that is fair and honed Rvzym gave me feedback and drink of that which

Qrbny and Adnan Smny Vkfany or I or I or macro Hfzny

Taken before and close hast kept me and the adequacy of that which thou hast protected and maintain a

I Azny Vaghnany or I or my Vhdany Vfqny Anson boilers or

Who honored me and Tvangrm building which has led to my success and my place with which I was fond of

I Amatny Vahyany (67) or I or my Bklmath Haq Yhq Yqbl

That I will die and live (67) of the right to stand by the words of that repentance from

Altvbh as Ubada or I or my Vqlbh Almr’ Yhvl between La Tnf

His take is that a separation between man and his heart, which does not benefit

Hu declared me as Sbylh Zl Ella Alshfah Baznh or I or I-La

Intercession and mediation to leave but he knows he is the one who strayed from the way in which the

La Rad Lqzayh Lhkmh Mqb or I or I assumed the whole thing Lamrh or

Routers and Prospecting for Restore to Qzaysh which is not ruling anything against his command obedience and submission which has a

I Bymynh Matui, Khuzestan heavens or I Bushra Yrsl wires between video

The heavens by his power that sends a convoluted winds, glad tidings in advance

Rhmth (68) or I or my Mhada earth forging or counterfeiting mountains Avtada

Mercy (68) of the land that is the cradle of the mountains nails (land) that a

I counterfeiting Sraja sun or moon Nora I counterfeiting or forging I allila

The sun was shining lights of the night in which the moon was Noorbakhsh

Masha meridian laundry or I counterfeiting or forging sleeping Sbata me or I counterfeiting

Cover the salary appointed that day to study tectonic which was comforting sleep which

Alsma’ so I counterfeiting or forgery things, or I’ll fire Azvaja Mrsada

The sky’s the building where the pair created things of that fire in ambush (infidels and hell) contract (69)

(69) O mingleth Asylk Basmk or Sami or Shafi or high or source

Lord, I ask you to name a long-time defender of the hearing, sir

Or fast or novel or the great or the mighty, or aware or Mojiri (70) or modesty ago

Fast at work creating a mighty big Rndh aware of a refuge ten (70) alive before

After the shame of living or living or licking Kmslh Hayy Hayy Alzy or Hayy

Every living being is alive after all organisms that live-like O, O living

Alzy La Ysharkh or Hayy Hayy Hayy Alzy La Yhtaj to a living or Alzy

No partner living, a living that does not require any living, a living that

Ymyt whole animals or whole animals or modesty trick Hayy Alzy Yrzq Yrs Alhyvh

Die every living living living living which provide for any of the inheritance battle of life

I am the living or death or Hayy Hayy John Alzy or Qayyum La Takhzh year

Of living, of living life to the dead, Long live when he naps

Vela Nome (71) or I or I crush crush the Ynsy la la Ytfy light or I crush

And not sleeping (71) which is an unforgettable memory which is inextinguishable light of that

Blessing la la Yzvl or my number or my property Crush Crush Crush Sna’ La Yhsy or I

Count blessings which conformed accept Frmanrvayysh deterioration of the praise and contempt that is not Snaysh

La Ykyf or crush me or my glory perfection Ydrk la la les Yrd judicial or

Jlaltsh can not say how great and that is not understood perfection of the command does not return a Qzaysh

I crushed my properties or LES Nvt la la transfer switch (72) or Lord of the Worlds

Avsafsh which does not change its attributes, refusing to become (72) O Lord of the Worlds

Contact Yom Din or intent or noon Allajyn Altalbyn or degree

Prince of the Day of Judgment final destination of refugees and asylum seekers back of a Dryabndh

Alharbyn Yhb the patient or I or I or my Altvabyn Yhb Yhb

Grykhtgan which is like a patient who loves to repent of conservatives who loves

Almtthryn or I or my Yhb Almhsnyn Hu declared Balmhtdyn

Cleanse which loves the good-doers who is fully aware of the guidance (73)

(73) O mingleth Asylk Basmk or compassionate or friend or Hafiz or

God, I want you to have your name right kind of container Friend

Or Mqyt environment or Moghith or Moez or Mzl or origin or Myd (74) or

Surrounded with a mighty scream all part of humiliating the dignity of a comeback Ghazndh (74) O

A. I Ho Ho’s Bella Bella are against or I or my fault Bella S. Ho or

No single proof that he is the one who does not like that he does not need no fault of

I Ho Ho chord without purse or judge me or my pity Bella Bella Hu paste

That he is not alone and how he governs the system is not in the ruling that he is God without

Or I or I-ho-ho’s minister Zl Bella Bella enrich my poverty or Ho Property

He’s a minister who is without shame that he has no assets that he thee king

Uninstall or Bella Bella I like He Ho (75) or near large electrical Me

That can not be dismissed when he is described as a lack of similar (75) which stated he would honor

Llzakryn or I or my Llshakryn Foz Shkrh Hmdh Ezz Llhamdyn

Zkrknndgan Spasgzarysh source of happiness which she is grateful for the praise which is admired Ezzati

Or I Njah Tath Llmtyyn or I or my Baba open Lltalbyn

Tatsh means of salvation which is the subject that is open to the mercy mercy for which

Sbylh clear proof Llnazryn Llmnybyn or I or my Ayath BOOK

The path is clear for him that is Bazamdgan his signs clear for the viewers because of that book

Llmtqyn biography or I or my Valasyn Lltayyn public Rzqh

Advice and punishment for the righteous cause of which he is a general provision for the obedient and disobedient

Rhmth about Mnalmhsnyn (76) or I or my Asma Blessed Almighty

His mercy which is near to the righteous (76) which is a big name that he got the chance

Or my grandmother or my La ilaha etc. Snayh prevent or I or Tqdst Asmayh

So that there is no god but He that is featured praise and Mdhsh which is good names of

I Ydvm al-Azmeh Bhayh Bqayh or I or I or my Rdayh Alkbrya’ La

That is eternal survival of his impressive is that which is great in him which

I Alayh Thsy or adjustment layer blessing verse (77) O mingleth Asylk Basmk

Nykyhaysh conformed to account number which does not favor (77) God, you shall have the right name

Or certain or Rashid or Hamid Amin or represent or firm or McCain or or

A helper of safe revealing a part of a consolidated firm and constant guidance of a commendable

Majid severe or martyr (78) or Al or intrinsic unanimously Zaalrsh

Dear hard power of control (78) of the glory of the Lord of the Throne Speech

Alsdyd or Zaalfl Rashid or Zaalbtsh Alshdyd or Zaalvd

Hard work of the owner of the firm promise of a hard attack

Valvyd or I or I-ho-ho Elul Hamid active Yryd Lama or I ho

And he is threatening authority is commendable that he is what he is will

Some other unlikely martyr or I or I-ho-ho on Klshy’ licking Bzlam

Does not close as far as he is Witness over all things that he wicked servants

Llbyd (79) or the provincial minister crush me or my partner La Vela La similar problem like

No (79) of which he is a partner and the Minister where he is not parallel.

Or creator Sunflower Valqmr Almnyr or singers or Razaq Al-Fakir Albays

The creator of IBM needs of the poor helpless stranding October and May Day Ten

Sheikh Jaber al-Azm-Kebir or of child-Saghir or Congressman Rahm Alksyr or

O merciful old old child of ten pots broken bone

Smh Basir Al Khayf Almstjyr or I or I-ho-ho aware Bbadh

Keep frightened refugee who had been servants, experts and seeing that he

On the whole thing Qadir (80) or Zaaljvd Valnm or Zaalfzl Valkrm or

Is able to do all things (80) of the presence and blessing of the forgiveness and magnanimity of

Gypsum creator automatic or time or Zaalba’s Valnqm Alzr Valnsm or

Creator of the pen tablet form of punishment and revenge has a human particle Rndh

Inspired by the Arabian Valjm or explorer or scientist Alzr Valalm Alsr Valhmm or

Arab and non-Arab inspiration of suffering and pain reliever Knower of secrets and hidden intentions

Elbit paste Valhrm or I create things, I Aldm (81) O mingleth

Lord of the Kaaba and the shrine of the creatures created out of nothing and no (81) O you

Asylk Basmk or agent or forger or or full or in between or

I have the right name of (anything) provides a means (of) a whole host of separator

Or just or dominant filed or the Taliban or donor (82) or I Anm Btvlh

Joined the Giver of just a master of Digger (82) which bestowed His grace

Or I or I created the Holy Bjvdh Bltfh or I or I appreciate Tzz Bqdrth

There’s a cream that is thanks to your generosity which is dear to his power that is to be measured

Bhkmth or I or I Debre Blmh Btdbyrh sentence or rape me Bhlmh

The wisdom of the decision to devise its own strategy to which your knowledge of the past to their tolerance

Or I or I Alaa Danny per addition per Dnvh (83) or I Ykhlq we Ysha’

Which is also near and long term which is also nearby (83) that can create what will

Or I or I Yhdy Yfl we Ysha’ me or my Ysha’ Yzl I Ysha’

Which do the will of the one who will guide which leads astray whom He will

Or I Ysha’ Yzb me or I or my Ysha’ Lehman Yghfr Yz I Ysha’

Which will punish whoever that is will have mercy on whom He gives to whom He will have that honor

Or I Ysha’ Yzl me or I or my Ysvr per Alarham we Ysha’

Which would be a shame to whoever that will be imprinted in the womb whatever that is

I Brhmth Ykhts Ysha’ (84) or I Ytkhz trick interview or provincial Volda

For his mercy whom will return (84) which has a wife and child

I counterfeiting alcohol Qdra thing or I or my authorship La Yshrk per Hikmat

That was enough for anything that is not shared with anyone in his ruling that,

Malaika Rsla I counterfeiting or forging per Alsm objects or Brvja I counterfeiting

Was the message of the angels in the sky which had towers

Qrara earth or my creations I Bushra water or alcohol thing I counterfeiting

The land base that is made from human water that is used for everything

Umeda or I Bekele Ahat thing I Ahsy whole thing scholars or numerically

And the period of time that surround his knowledge of everything that number has all the numbers (85)

(85) O mingleth Asylk Basmk or first or last or outward or inward or

God, you do not want to start right name of a tacit appearance of

On either the right or the person or chord or S or Sarmad (86) or not known

EBay requires a unique single legitimate good of eternal (86) of the best known

Afzal Abdul custom or God or death Mashkour sugar or Az mentioned above

The goodness of God that is worshiped by the best of the best thanked those dearest Yadshdgan

Or the highest Mahmoud Hamad or Aghdam on demand or his Arfa

Of the highest praised before a superior being that creatures that have been Jvyaysh

Or Akbar Muhammad described the purpose of planning or flood or Ashraf

Description Located larger purpose to have his intention gracious person who has requested an honorable

Popular Science (87) or Albakyn or Sayyid Habib Almtvklyn or H.

Friends who will be found (87), a friend of Mr. Tavakoli were crying a guide

Almzlyn or guardian or Anis Ali Alzakryn or Mfz Almlhvfyn

Recent learn a companion server misguided believers (he) O refuge of the oppressed

Or Savior truthful or Aqdr Alqadryn or Alam El Alamein or F.

O Saviour of the most powerful power truthful owners wisest of the wise, O God.

Alkhlq Ajmyn (88) or Ala Fqhr I or my property or I heart Fqdr

All creation (88) which is superior to all that is violent and powerful ruler in the internal

Abdul Fshkr Fkhbr or I or I or my Fghfr Sy La Thvyh Alfkr or

And the consciousness that Prstndsh and he would reward and bless disobedience which will not fit in the minds of

I Ydrkh la la Ykhfy against the effects of visual or I or Raziq or destined Albshr

Drnyabd seen him without a job on a day when he did not escape human dozens of measurements

Total value (89) O mingleth Asylk Basmk or guardian or cargo or let

Any size (89) O you want to have stored the name of the Lord appeared Rndh

Or Bazkh or Farj or conqueror or an explorer or sponsor or to or M. Nahy (90) or

Ghmzda O O O eminent entrepreneur would guarantee a pain reliever servants of the Ten Commandments of the ban now of bad things (90) O

I Alghyb La Ylm Ella Ella Ho Ho or I or my La Ysrf Alsv’

Who knows the unseen but not bring him that is evil but he that is

Laykhlq Alkhlq Alahv Yamn Layghfr Alznb Ella Ho or i LA algorithm Al-Nimeh

People will not create but which he forgive sin, but he finished the blessing and mercy of the

Ella Ella Ho Ho or I or I la la Yqlb hearts Ydbr Governors or otherwise ho

But he whose heart is not changed but he does not manage to do that, but he would

I Ynzl Al-Qaisi la Ella Ella Ho Ho or I or my La Ybst Alrzq

But he would not send rain that fell that day, but he that is Ngstrand

Layhyy Alamut Ella Ho (91) or certain Alghrba’ Alzfa’ or the owner or

But he does not live dead (91) help from fellow comrade of work disability

Nasser Oliya or Cairo or shall Alsma’ Alada’ or Ennis Alasfya’ or

Assistant friendship prevail over the enemies of the chosen companion of a sky lift

Habib Alatqya’ or Cairns Alfqra’ or Allah or Muhammad Alaghnya’ Alkrma’

O righteous God of the poor, like the rich treasures of Krymtryn Karim (92)

(92) or sufficient on the whole thing, or I Qayma Total object or La Yshbhh

Have enough of anything-like a guardian over everything if something is not

I La Yazid per object or thing, or my queen La Ykhfy against the object or

If something in him that something was not wearing a Frmanrvayysh Nyfzayd

I lick my Kmslh La Ynqs I Khzaynh object or thing, or I la

That does not diminish its treasures thing that is not something the like of which

Hu aware as I Bekele Yzb Lmh object or thing or I area

He did not escape the knowledge that he is aware and aware of everything that is grace

Rhmth entire object (93) or the Holy or restaurant O mingleth Asylk Basmk

Learn everything (93) God ask you to honor the name of the leading food

Or beneficent or bestower or singers or pitman or Mfny or Mohi or disease, or

A generous gift of a capital grant of a wealth of tens of mortal living for a pleasing manufacturer

Savior (94) or first Vakhrh Klshy’ or Allah or paste the whole thing Vmlykh

Lifesaving (94) start and do anything of the Lord God and owner of everything

The whole thing Vsanh or cargo or astringent whole thing Klshy’ Vkhalqh

And completing all of creation and the Creator of all things, a closed and open Rndh of anything

Vbasth or origin of the object or character Vmydh Klshy’ Vmqdrh or

Rndh of creating and restoring all of creation and measure all of

Macon whole thing Vmhvlh or Mohi whole thing Vmmyth or creator

And converting everything was alive and Myranndh anything the creator

Klshy’ Vvarsh (95) whether or not Shakir Zakir Vmzkvr Vmshkvr

And the heir of all things (95) have been the best reminder and grateful and Best Times

Whether or not President Mahmoud Vmshhvd see whether ISIL Vmdv

Admirer and praised the best of the best singer and the best proof and certified Read

Whether Mujib Vmjab whether or not the owner of Mons Vanys

The answer is the best answer and the best Ennis and Mons a best friend

Vjlys whether or not the desired objective of becoming beloved Habib (96) or

And the favorable settlement of best intentions and the best friend and beloved (96) O

I Mujib or my prayers Lehman Ho Ho Ho to a Lehman or my beloved Atah

That it comply with the reader which is to be obedient and to which each Frmanbrdarsh ​​like that

Interviews about me or my opponent or I ho ho me Asthfzh me Rjah

A close friend of that for anyone who will guard him Ng·hbanst which he hoped to everyone

Holy or I or my Halim Ho Ho Sah me or my Rahim per Zmth

Which will have to Nafrmansh Holy Clement in the same glory and greatness of the kind that

Ho per Hkmth great or I or my old ho ho me per Ahsanh

The great wisdom of the good and to everyone that he was a longtime Tabkhshy

Will Aleem (97) O mingleth Asylk Basmk or cause or Mrghb or

Seek wise (97) in the name of God, I ask you, causing dozens of interest

Converting or Mqb or arranged or gruesome or Mhzr or male or captured or

Rummage now warn of an inquisitive organized dozens of eerie reminder of a subservient IC

Mugheer (98) or I or my former Lmh I promise true or appearance jink

Shifter (98) of that advance knowledge that his promise is true, that is a clear Ltfsh

Or I or I BOOK Emre dominant firm or me or my Caen judiciary

Which command is all that is dominant sturdy book that is sure to come of that sentence and Qzaysh

Majid Qranh or I or my old queen droppings or my Mym deck

The Holy Qur’an and the Holy which Frmanrvayysh old that is the throne of grace is universal

Great (99) or La Yshghlh heard me or my hearing as La Ymnh act as

He is huge (99) that is not fun to hear him hear what the other which does not open

I promise as a promise or act or Ylhyh la la Yghlth question as I asked

Something which does not Mshghvlsh another speech that is spoken in error brushed the question of questions

La Yhjbh thing as a thing or me or I or la Ybrmh Alhah Almlhyn

Which does not veil him something of what some insist insisted that the workers have not Stvhsh

I Almrydyn meaning or intent Ho Ho led Hmm I or my Alarfyn

That he intended to seek extreme is that he tried to mystics of the final frontier

Ho led the quest or my Altalbyn La Ykhfy against particles per Worlds

He asked the last step of demanding that he not hide the particle in the whole world (100)

(100) or Hlyma Ybkhl or Sadqa la la la Yjl or Jvada Ykhlf or

O Giver of tolerance that does not grab that does not withhold the right of that promise is not a promise

Vhaba La Yml or Qahra Yghlb or Azima la la la Yvsf or Dla

Which does not get tired of forgiving overcome a failure of justice is not to big to fit in the description

Yhyf or rich or Kabira Yftqr la la la Ysghr or Hafza Yghfl Sbhank

Not wrong in ruling that Darwish is a great wealth that is not a small guard who does not neglect Glory

Or La ilaha illa Anta Alghvs I Khlsna Alghvs fire or paste.

God save thee, O God, do not you cry cry Lord save us from hell.

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