PotPlayer v1.7.3344 x86 / x64 Audio and video file player Download

Download PotPlayer v1.7.3344 x86 / x64 - Audio and video file player

PotPlayer is one of the most comprehensive and complete video player and audio player software(player) software. PotPlayer, like the popular KM Player software, supports a wide range of audiovisual formats and features features such as playback of subtitled videos , support for various devices such as analog and digital TVs and webcams, full compatibility with the Internet for playback Online videos, VCDs and DVDs of the best quality, smoother playback of HD movies and high-quality Blu-ray movies. It can be said that PotPlayer is an improved and faster KMP version with more features.

Key Features of PotPlayer Software :
– Supports all popular audio and video formats
– AIM distributes damaged AVI files
– Correct video playback speed, adjust volume and increase and decrease the contrast
– Ability to work with keyboard shortcuts
– View subtitle videos and support for SAA, ASS and …
– Equalizer and video equalizer
– Ability to use different shells and plugins in the program
– Supports digital cameras, DVDs, zip and flash files
– Opens AAC, OGG files
– View file information
– Supports Shockwave Flash / FLC / FLI
– And …

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