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Pixelab XXcopy Pro v3.11.6 DOWNLOAD

 – File Management Software

Download Pixelab XXcopy Pro v3.11.6 - File Management Software
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Command orders enthusiasts can use a file management tools consistent with CMD command. This tool,software is XXcopy. XXCOPY simply to XCOPY command and the command is widespread. This order is in addition to the capabilities of the command XCOPY, innovative new features for users are aware of file management commands CMD environment provides. It is the only copy of the file but the search and removal instructions, and also in the management of the files. 16-bit version of the tool CMD scripting environment through the use of the copy command in the short name as well. The software can also be used in the same system. In fact, Pixelab XXcopy Pro is a powerful tool in the management of the file.Pixelab XXcopy program without a user interface graphics of (for DOS) is for high speed copying files.

Key features of the application Pixelab XXcopy Pro:
– File management tool through command orders
– Use the XCOPY command to spread by name XXCOPY
– Ability to copy backup, delete, search and file …
– Run the copy command through the use of short file name
– At the same directories
– Copy of the entire drive system with the ability to run on Win9x
– Backup ladders of all directories without using the archive bit
– Control all features of elephants such as origin, destination, name and …
– Delete files and directories via the Mac the same powerful mechanisms
– Copy of NTFS security information to archives
– Alternative to Microsoft ROBOCOPY
– Very similar with the same syntax XCOPY
– Removing files and directories from their copying by wild cards
– And …

This application is not recommended for ordinary users and more convenient for professionals and lovers are DOS environment and Coding.

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