PitStop Pro v13.1 – plug-in Adobe Acrobat PDF creation and editing files Download

Download PitStop Pro v13.1 - plug-in Adobe Acrobat PDF creation and editing files

A versatile plug-ins to work with PDF files in Adobe Acrobat is. This software has the ability to create and edit PDF files. As you know many PDF files are not as expected, so in many cases it does not work out as you want and you can also edit files even worse when you’ve lost is also or all files in a way that can not be edited in Adobe Acrobat.
PitStop Pro plug is attached to the software Adobe Acrobat and eliminate the problems mentioned above. Now with this software, edit PDF files, such as removing the piece of cake that can easily part or whole pdf files with full details edit.

A key feature of the software PitStop Pro:
– Ability to edit text, picture and …
– Ability to edit font that is not implemented
– Ability to repair problems in the file and save it Annie
– Ability to add different templates to export it
– Edit PDF files with maximum speed of Mac N
– Check the PDF files created before export to meet the additional colors, fonts cluttered and …
– You can see a list of all the things that have been done on the PDF file to get this plugin
– And …

PitStop Pro Screenshot 1

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  1. I Have installed … as your instructions.
    But when I choose action list under “PitStop Pro” menu on acrobat DC, it only show “About Enfocus PitStop Pro” window and nothing I can do from there.
    I can’t do anything with my PDF files with this PitStop Pro installation … it’s not working.

    Under License Tab in “About Enfocus PitStop Pro” window shows “No license found on License server on” … and I think it’s not working.

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