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Download PGP Command Line v10.4.1.18 x86 / x64 - Software encryption and key management tasks from the command line

Imagine that a company sensitive information from your database backups on a daily basis and will be used for this purpose only of a script, and the script begins automatic backup operations. But with no security and no backup information is easily accessed by others. To solve this problem can be combined with code that does the backup information from other scripts used in addition to backup, encrypt and compress the data. To this end one of the best options available for PGP Command Line is software -based command line for encryption, encryption and key management tasks. The software can be run independently or in conjunction with Symantec Encryption Management Server’s client. Using this software, you can easily all your data compression and encryption, or see the work done as well.

A key feature of the software PGP Command Line:
– Encrypt, sign and encrypt individual or set of files
– Create and manage keys on the local source
– The MAC those functions on 35 platforms from laptop to Mainframe Display
– Access and key management in Symantec Encryption Management Server and keyservers
– Create user accounts in Symantec Encryption Management Server
– Manage certificates x.509, including the application and validation of certificates
– Integration with scripting tools such as Shell Scripts, Perl, and Windows batch files
– Encrypt, sign and encrypt email
– Has more than 300 different cryptographic operations such as encryption, decryption, clear and …
– Operations with scripts such as backup encryption, file transfers, point-to-point data access and …
– Time Management and Timber operations such as file encryption and file transfer FTP server
– Protect code while in transit and sending or receiving from the server
– And …

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