PdfFactory Pro v6.36 – Software Convert any document into a PDF file Download

Download PdfFactory Pro v6.36 - The software converts any document or image into a PDF file

PdfFactory Pro is an application for generating PDF files that is made using an exclusive and highly advanced method to simplify the process. This software can convert any kind of document or image into a PDF file in the shortest time and fix your need for other software. After installing the software, it introduces itself as a printer, and then, to convert each document to a PDF file, it’s just enough to send it to the virtual printer via the print menu. Combine multiple files and convert them to a PDF file, create a font in the file and display on other systems without having that font, add bookmarks, manage and edit the print pages, for example, in the printing of web pages to remove. Adding pages and links, setting for direct conversion without previewing, creating a clickable link with custom colors, and creating title, page number, page header, footer, page type …. It is the capabilities of this software.

Key features of the PdfFactory Pro software :
– Ability to make PDF or print
– Combine multiple documents into a PDF
– Preview ability
– PDF protection feature
– Fonts embedding capability
– Add and remove the page
– Ability to send by email
– Automatic storage option
– Ability to expand the server
– Create PDF in Letterheads
– Ability to add page number, header, footer and print mark
– Provide badge and guide table
– Adaptive Acrobat properties
– Turn into black gray
– Display and re-program
– Supports PDF / A-1b
– And …

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