PCBoost v5.7.11.2016 – Software Download

Download PCBoost v5.7.11.2016 - Software CPU performance tweaking

Software PCBoost powerful tool in the peer review system performance and identify problems and malicious files and defective system. With this app you to a number of settings Windows will have access ever could never change them. You can even change as different pages and windows Windows or changes in the way you run and manage the system. The system software upgrade gives you a new dimension in every aspect of the operating system Windows XP to show you.

A key feature of the software PCBoost:
– Optimized speed of games and programs
– Restore lost memory applications
– Monitor system and automatically optimize it when needed
– View the current amount of memory occupied by all running processes
– Determine the amount of memory you want to free up or reclaim
– Terminate threatening processes and programs or release the memory occupied by the list of processes
– Add the process you want to delete or compress into the Black List
– Add the process you do not want to clean up or compress into the White List
– Automatically compress or release memory when free memory is less than the amount specified
– And …

PCBoost Screenshot 1 PCBoost Screenshot 2 PCBoost Screenshot 3 PCBoost Screenshot 4 PCBoost Screenshot 5

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