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O’Reilly Modern Nagios Training Video Download

Download O'Reilly Modern Nagios Training Video - Tutorial network monitoring software Najyvs
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Nagios open source monitoring system to monitor the network , infrastructure and application is. With Nagios or Mac ‘s monitoring system and network service by sending messages to email administrators there at critical times. Nagios configuration of Nagios Server Linux machine which acts as another one as we use Nagios Client. Nagios and the Nagios Server machine that the console can be installed on other machines to its network for monitoring Mtmrkr (Nagios Server) introduced. In fact, by using the Nagios Server can be used for services, infrastructure (such as ftp, dns) and the status of CPU, memory and swap monitor on remote machines at once. Nagios Server on machines that are introduced, Nagios Client say. It is necessary on machines Nagios Client, bundle nrpe be installed.
During the training the O’Reilly Modern Nagios Training Video with Najyvs and learn about its features.

Course syllabus for training of OReilly Modern Nagios Training Video:
– Information about Nagios and why it is superior to all other tools tools for monitoring servers andnetwork is.
– Monitoring strategy training and practice what works and what does not work.
– Understand how they interact with the hosts and Nagios server.
– Installation and configuration of Nagios know the secrets
– Mastering the remote control and the strategies I / O with NRPE, NCPA, Graphios and Librato
– How to scale the Nagios: theory, wiring NRDP to the NCPA, and the use of Mod-Gearman Gearman
– Review Najyvs popular three options: Icinga, OMD, and Sensu

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