Optimal Solutions Sculptor v3.6.2 Build 160621 x64 – Software Download

Download Optimal Solutions Sculptor v3.6.2 Build 160621 x64 - Software optimization and analysis of three-dimensional models

If you plan to edit your three-dimensional design models, you follow the right procedures to analyze it or you’re searching for an environment to optimize and improve, Optimal Solutions Sculptor softwarepowerful that all the Mac possibilities for edit, rebuild and improve design provides three-dimensional model. The program uses technology, formation and deformation simultaneously edit any three-dimensional models ranging from simple and complex, including STL, point cloud and mesh data is CAD data. The software can be used in various fields of automobile, aircraft wing design, thermal design of the turbine, increasing the efficiency of trains, improving aerodynamic characteristics to be used in medical procedures such as coronary artery open. The software capabilities such as comparing model by model purpose and use of books in the process of modeling is also the home of the API itself.

A key feature of the software Optimal Solutions Sculptor:
– A Mac editing three-dimensional models such as STL, point cloud data and CAD data grid
Interface Graphic user a simple and functional
– The use of technology at the same time the formation and deformation
– Scripting and programming interface
– Server mode
– And …

Optimal Solutions Sculptor Screenshot 1 Optimal Solutions Sculptor Screenshot 2 Optimal Solutions Sculptor Screenshot 3

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