Opera v46.0.2597.26 + 12.18 Build 1873 x86 / x64 – Internet Explorer DOWNLOAD

Download Opera v46.0.2597.26 + 12.18 Build 1873 x86 / x64 - Opera Internet Explorer

Opera browser Opera is the fastest internet on earth! This browser loads incredible web pages for you. Opera is the basis for the text first and then gradually loaded site photos are loaded, plus the photos first full face appears to be low quality and gradually increasing the image quality.
Just try Opera once, you will no longer use Internet Explorer!
Opera has all the limitations, such as preventing right-click, preventing the source page from being viewed, preventing the selection of text, and … taking everything from you and allowing you to search and browse with a completely open hand. Web The Opera web browser or Mac animals such as receiving e-mail , chat and manage the download you provide. By adding features such as SpeedDial to access favorite webpages in a sequel, the browser is still the most popular browser option among its users.

Key features of the app Opera:
– Custom Search Shortcut
– The Mac ‘s advanced search all the sites in the area
– Block advanced pages contents
– Smarter prevention than pop-ups
– Professional to receive e-mail and e-mail support for POP / IMAP
– Ability to read RSS / Atom feeds
– Ability to apply special settings for each site
– Preview the pages by holding the mouse on the tabs
– Reduce additional load on system memory
– Support for downloading files larger than 4 GB
– Opportunity to use Opera website to increase security and prevent spyware
– Use Tabbed browsing technology. Show windows in a window
– Failed to resolve FTP PASV bugs
– Different and beautiful skins
– Maintenance of passwords in a high security environment
– Ability to tell the program and execute it by Opera
– Quick and easy installation
– Increase program opening speed
– Reducing system memory overhead
– Improved support for web standards
– Ability to run the program through the user’s voice
– Support for downloading files larger than 4 GB
– Speed ​​Dail for quick access to popular and loved web pages
– Quick Find feature to quickly find web pages viewed with its contents feature
– And …

Opera Screenshot 1 Opera Screenshot 2

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