Need for Speed: The Run game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Download

Download Need for Speed: The Run XBOX 360, PS3 - the game Need for Speed: Escape for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

The story of the game revolves around a character named Jack Rourke, the game starts where the jack in his car, his hands tied to the steering wheel and his car was in the trash compactor in the crush, because the mafia to destroy him, but for some reason end up playing for the involvement of the group does not mention Jack. After Jack could escape the crush, a woman named Sam Harper meets. This character will not know anything about it, Jack proposed to participate in a race from San Francisco to New York is illegal and says only 10 percent of the award to Jack turns and rest her right hoof! When Jack’s protest, Sam says the award is about $ 25 million, then 10% is too much money and therefore so easily convinced Jack; and the great race starts so that in New York all Once again Jack and Sam meet and play with thousands of unanswered questions in the mind of the author’s probably not play as well as the answer to it all is.
Because the engine graphics of the game is very real frostbite 2 graphics and lighting that has been working well in the game and very nice special effects that can be said nfs series is the best graphics of the run.Lighting in the game to create highly attractive. Sunlight in terms of the current day are visible as well. Color is also very natural environment than before. One of the coolest things, the design is February. At some times during the game in the snowy mountains. The avalanches are created when police helicopters were sent to the mountains and due to high volume, peak snow flooded part of the natural form, gameplay It has made significant progress with respect to the previous list. One of the new additions to the gameplay is the introduction of the character of the car. The Mac is a little strange, but creators of this game, their moves have tried to play their way into the Open-Word style. But you do not have to expect a GTA, the implementation and the events surrounding it are QTE occur such that it saw in the game Heavy Rain.Progression to more advanced stages of the game is over. In previous versions you to do several consecutive race and collect points for the extreme driving a degree, but in this version can be a moment driving level can be increased. This means that the player can do with dramatic gestures and greater precision in driving, your level will give the command. Artificial intelligence opponents have not changed somewhat weak, in this version for Takedown a rival cars do not require specific steps and at each stage of the game can do this. Ironically, if cars Takedown competitors will not be able to play around Brgrdnd.albth is worth noting that this process can be done on your car. In this version, no limit has been set for competition cars; this means that it is possible in some matches you with a professional car and other drivers have a car to compete ordinary Photo also feasible is. Police will also be present in this version, but a little different than Hmyshh.n are wide open all over the state are mostly a nuisance for them.

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