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(10/7/10) Changes:
Update to version 5.3

Monthly Idol is the name of a beautiful and entertaining game in the style of the very beautiful simulation games of the 608Factory gaming studio released for Android . In this game you are the director of a very small agency that has just begun to work and your goal is to grow and become one of the largest agencies around the world. Now you have to choose a group of girls or boys to grow your agency as you grow. The duration of each five-year contract is that you have the duty to direct them to the highest possible place during this period.

You will also be able to renew your contract after five years or sign a new contract. You can create music through the studio, which will be further enhanced by selecting the appropriate theme for that number of fans, album sales, and visitation via YouTube. By introducing concerts and world tours around the world, introduce yourself to others and become famous to earn more by selling more albums. This beautiful gamehas also won a good 4.7 out of 5 points. The game features a very simple, pixelated graphics with pixelated and entertaining gameplay environments that keep you entertained for hours.

Changes Version v5.3:
– Change the speed of the album sales to 0.5 times
– Fixed a navigation error when choosing members
– View changes in duplicate tracking time
– Fix the error of not training the high dose doses
– Display the name of the scene when it’s touched

Monthly Idol Screenshot 1 Monthly Idol Screenshot 2 Monthly Idol Screenshot 3 Monthly Idol Screenshot 4

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