mIRC v7.49 – Software Communications Chat & Instant free Download

Download mIRC v7.49 - chat and chat with friends

Most of you Software Yahoo familiar to you and to communicate with friends, you go on to Yahoo. In most other countries for chat software mIRC to connect to thousands of servers they use irc.
IRC Internet Relay Chat is the first three letters of words. IRC speed in the transmission of a message can not be compared with any other server. IRC is a multi-user chat system. Where people can enter the channel (or leaving) and group or private chat in the pm. Thousands of IRC servers is that each of the organization.

A key feature of the software mIRC:
– Easy to use and user friendly
– a user-programmable time menu
– Support for audio files
– with text color and the Mac the easy reading text
– keys planned use
– And …

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