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(93/11/5) changes:
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Enabling operating systems Windows and Security Software for Microsoft Office is one of the main things that must be done after the installation of the system and always a large number of users with this problem, because a lot of fluff in the market and confuses users up, hence the need for a comprehensive Kirk to meet all the needs of users felt.
Microsoft Toolkit is a set of tools for reliable, advanced and innovative KMS-based activation of new users from installing any freed to activate and similar tools, featuring a complete tool through KMS activation, and all versions of Windows and Office Support .

Key Features Software Microsoft Toolkit:

– Activation decisive and make a variety of Windows and Office in a manner KMS.
– The ability to extend Trial Rearm.
– Ability to install, and remove products for Windows and Office Product Key.
– Ability to backup and restore the previous activation.
– Ability to customize and edit the file to add languages ​​or install Office updates.
– Activation without installing any additional programs or promoting future.
– The ability to remove all versions of Office.
– No need to install and portable.

– Compact and lightweight user interface of the program is simple and easy.
Microsoft Product Activation is done in several ways, and how?
The question that many users face that is how to activate Microsoft products or instruments What is the difference between fur and active, so in the following article, we have tried to sell the system all the information on how the active of Microsoft products to cover, so we suggest you read the following articles:
Precision performance enabled by using the program work?
KMS activation method, the following steps are performed automatically.
1. Check the active status of Windows or Office.
2. identify best practices and operations before activation.
3. action to fix bugs and problems before activation.
4. Backup and restore all settings at the time of activation failed.
5. install the emulator KMS or the KMS Emulator and allocate the specified address and port.
6. KMS to activate the service for 180 days.
7. The timing of the activation process after each turn on the system by AutoKMS.
8. The end of the program.
The program supports both versions of Windows and Office?
The program is able to all versions of Windows Vista Volume 7, 8 and 8.1 versions of Office 2010 and 2013 are active.
How to activate Windows or Office?
The program has complex operation and many advanced options, but to avoid confusion of users and use by individuals, a feature in a program called EZ-Activator that all steps are performed automatically and Windows or Office Live, it For detailed guide using the program, see the Installation Guide.
The introduction of other features:
– Support for other methods of activation:
Rearm: at this time the “experimental use Windows» or «Trial» to Reset and allows up to 30 days again of Windows or Office use.
AutoRearm: In this method, a schedule is created in the system to turn on the system after each Reset the time trial.
Note: The two methods to activate Windows or Office will not only increase the duration of use, and their use is not recommended except in an emergency.
Phone: activation of telephone contact with the activation of Microsoft Corporation.

– The ability to view, add, delete and modify the code or Product Key product with the default code for each product:
It provides you a Mac makes it easy for Windows and Office Product Key Code or remove or modify the default code It supports all the disruption and confusion to the code Input can return it to its original state.

– Backup feature activation or Activation Token Backup and restore them in case of loss of activation:
It can succeed after the activation of Microsoft products, the required files to enable a backup or Backup prepare as if lost for any reason, product activation can be easily restored.

– Ability to edit and customize Office:
The program is also able to install Office files as desired, edit the user and the installation files implement the following:
1. Add or remove languages.
2. Add file to install Microsoft Office updates to the reinstall, all updates will be installed automatically with the application.
3. Change the active channel of Retail to VL and the photos .

4. Extract mining or building or rebuilding ISO file after making the required changes.
– The ability to remove all versions of Office programs:
The program is also able to intelligently remove all versions of Office on the system and no tracks and other works on the door, if they want to remove the Office programs on your system, you are recommended to the program for the Remove use.
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