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Learning German Michel Thomas - Michel Thomas German

Michael Thomas was fluent in more than 10 languages. He shortly a new language to movie starstraining was. Slogan he launched the educational institution, is to learn the language, you do not need no book, not remembering and not homework! Students audio file of the book, do not read it, they had no previous preparation or training, guidelines only hear the audio file. In this way you, as a learner, a third student, you will want to actively participate in class.
The set has been tried all the files to be collected Michel Thomas German language training.

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  1. hi
    Foundation Part III
    Advanced Part II, Part III
    dont work , “Failed – No file”
    Would you please send them to my email…??

  2. Hi, some links are not working:
    Foundation : part2 and part3 does not work – 404 error
    Advanced: part 2 and part3 does not work – 404 error
    Vocabulary: part 2 and part3 does not work – 404 error

  3. Boy!!! It’s just the best and cannot be over emphasised. Too ready to download without pay and easy to study without pay.

  4. Warning. Foundation Download – Part One is identical to Download – Part II, III & IV. Same with Advanced and vocabulary. Just download Part One to save you bandwidth.

  5. why does the foundation part 1 have cd 7&8 not the first part? and the zip files are empty for the part 2,3,4…Please help!

  6. German Vocabulary Pt 3 says wrong password – although the password worked for the other files. Please fix.

  7. Why is downloading speed from p30 download so pathetic its only about 4 to 10 kb, even though is have a high speed internet. It sucks

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