Mentor Graphics PADS VX.2 Standard Plus + PADS Logic x86 Download

Download Mentor Graphics PADS VX.2 Standard Plus + PADS Logic x86 - software designed electric circuits
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Mentor Graphics PADS name of another popular products company which is specialized to design and build electrical circuits (PCB) is developed. This software is actually easy style and powerful software Xpedition Enterprise Edition is designed for beginners and small and not very sophisticated applications.Winner of the Xpedition Enterprise PADS actually higher speeds and lower costs is working with PADS is easy and fast and is very suitable for small designs. Electronic Engineers can use this software to design and verify their electrical circuits.

Software PADS despite its simple and inexpensive, should not be underestimated because many powerful features. The software has many features Simulation, Analysis and Design Layout advanced and high compatibility with other products such as Mentor Graphics HyperLynx and is Xpedition Enterprise.

If the software is not installed on the system can enter any other software projects and other measures imposed on the project; capacities including Signal Integrity and Thermal Simulation capabilities.

Key Features PADS:
– Design quick and simple electrical circuits
– Verification, testing and analysis circuit
– Schematic Design, Layout and choice piece by piece
– Powerful search and filter capabilities of different Component
– Customized design patterns appropriate to the IPC
– Consistency and top with Xpedition Enterprise HyperLynx

PADS + PADS Logic x86 Screenshot 1 PADS + PADS Logic x86 Screenshot 2 PADS + PADS Logic x86 Screenshot 3 PADS + PADS Logic x86 Screenshot 4 PADS + PADS Logic x86 Screenshot 5

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