MediaChance UltraSnap PRO v4.2 – Screen capture software direct download

Download MediaChance UltraSnap PRO v4.2 - Screen capture software

Another graphic software is UltraSnap PRO software. This product is an application
Under Windows , it can be used for graphic processing and screen capture. With this Mac, you will not have any other photo editing software for adding titles, taking screenshots, combining multiple photos, and more. In fact, it can be said that the product offers easier and better results than any other photo editing program. This product is a great tool not only for the administration of the office, the production of screenshots, the graphic design of the Internet , etc., but also for collecting a collection of photos and You can send it via email or upload it to a personal blog. All of this is done quickly without the need to open or save the file. Just select the option of editing, then capture one after the other of your favorite photos and then add the text and … upload the file to your email or save it as a file. All these actions can be done directly through the WYSIWYG clipboard and editor. After applying special effects to a photo, you do not need to apply and repeat these effects for the next image. These effects are automatically repeated, and then the saved file is saved. This helps to prevent the waste of time in repetitive matters. You can work on multiple projects simultaneously.

Key Features of MediaChance UltraSnap PRO:
– Implementing graphic processing and screen capture
– Vector styles, slim and delicate lines, breaking and combining paths and …
– Add effects automatically on multiple projects
– Avoid time consuming the user
– Simultaneous implementation of several projects
– Transfer images from this software to the email environment without having to save the file to disk
– A good tool for building titles for web pages or blogs
– Prints the file by selecting the desired size
– Ability to create combination photos via the edit option
– Capable of over 100 imaging and save to BMP, PNG, and JPG formats
– Run filter on captured images
– Utilize the WYSIWYG editor
– And …

UltraSnap PRO Screenshot 1 UltraSnap PRO Screenshot 2

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