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Download Mask My IP v2.6.3.2 - real IP changer software system
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If you are concerned that surfing the internet and visiting multiple sites and online shopping, IP you have fallen into the hands of hackers to penetrate your system and damages to the load, they can use the software Mask My IP Hide your real IP system and instead use a fake IP. This program is able to automatically fake IP from different countries put on your system, but you can also do it manually. Other features of this program include the ability to block access to users’ information and intelligence ISP companies noted. You can also give the application the option that at a certain time, and automatically change your IP to be quite random.

A key feature of the software Mask My IP:
– Ability to switch between automatic and manual IP system
– Ability to deal with and prevent hackers from stealing information.
– The Mac protects it from all connections network , including Wi-Fi
– Ability to block access and ISP spying
– Enable easy and reliable Internet with a single fake IP
– The possibility of membership and activities of banned forum
– Compatible with Windows different
– And …

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